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Dan C.

Network and Systems Consultant
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I'm a highly qualified network and systems engineer, with more then 10 years experience in servers and network equipment administration.
Service Description
- Internal Auditor for Management System in Information Security ISO 27001:2005
- ITILv3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management - 221718647
- Cisco Certified Network Professional - CCNP CSCO11509317
- Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist - JNCIS-FWV SR5467281
- Network Security - Brainbench 8971723

Operating systems - Linux, Solaris, Unix (10 years)
- Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS, CloudLinux, Solaris, FreeBSD
- Sripting Perl/SHELL; PHP
- Security & firewalls design and implementation
- Services configuration and administration
- Intrusion Detection Systems
- Webservices (Apache, Nginx, Cherokee, Litespeed), load balacing and HA
- BEA Weblogic, Glassfish
- HA cluster technology (SAN, iSCSI, GFS2, mysql ndb)
- Opensource based streaming (RTP, SIP)
- Logs servers (ElasticSearch,mongodb)
- Monitoring systems ( Nagios, OP5, OPManager )
- Virtualization technology (OpenVZ, LXC, VMware)
- Penetration tests, security audits
- messaging systems (redis, rabbitmq)

Databases (7 years)
- MySql, MySql Clusters, Oracle

Network Administration (10 years)
- VPN design and implementation (IpSec, gre, ScreenOS)
- IP networking design and implementation, performance optimization
- routers configurations and implementation on Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Cisco
- dynamic routing protocols (BGPv4, OSPF, EIGRP)
- monitoring and troubleshooting
- MPLS technology
- Fiber Optic technology
- Wireless (3.5GHz/2.4GHz) technology
- Penetration tests, security audits

Routers/Switches (7 years)
- Cisco, Juniper and other vendors deployment and administration
- Linux and Solaris configuration for large networks

Securing (6 years)
IP and VoIP networks

Security & firewalls (10 years)
Design and implementation on Linux and Cisco equipments

Network Operations (5 years)
- interconnection of Alcatel equipments with GSM switches
- DWDM/SDH technology
- SIP/SS7/RTP/MGCP/X.25 protocols
- Fiber Optic technology
- Cable / Highspeed Internet
- Wireless

Product Development (3 years)
- Java/C/C++/Delphi
- development of monitoring application
- Ruby on Rails
- development of virtual container based application for virtual systems
- plugin programming for monitoring systems
Pearson VUE
Awarded: 2012
Pearson VUE
ITIL V3 Foundation
Awarded: 2011
Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist (JNCIS-FWV)
Awarded: 2009
Pearson VUE
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Awarded: 2008
Alcatel University
Sun Cluster configuration and administration
Awarded: 2006
"Lucian Blaga" University , Sibiu
MSc Computer and Information Sciences
2009 - 2012
"Lucian Blaga" University , Sibiu
Electronics, Telecommunications and Electromechanics Bachelor Degree
2000 - 2005
IT Consultant
2011 - Present
Long years of industry experience provided me valuable competencies and abilities that enable me to offer innovative and quality project consultancy services. The purpose of the provided services is to reduce operational costs, increase customer satisfaction, add competitive differentiation, and enable transformation to the client business processes and operations due to industry insight and experience. I am highly skilled in providing business analysis, technical guidance, project development, deployment, and offer solutions on different technologies and platforms. The focus is on project performance and success.
Senior Network Administrator
2007 - 2013
Senior Network Administrator in Consulting & Operations Department. Daily task includes consulting as well as development, operations and service of software and IT system landscapes in a way that meets the customers technology and user needs.
Telecommunication Engineer
2005 - 2007
Method Engineer in the Mobile Application Department. Installing, maintenance and support provisioning of IN and GSM additional services for Alcatel products. Technical, logistic coordination and assisting of the installers on site operations. Technical coordination for the projects deployment all over the world.
Romania Data Systems
Senior Network Administrator
2001 - 2005
Senior administrator of the metropolitan Sibiu area network (fiber optic, wireless, cable and DSL networks). Senior system administrator of Network Operation Center in Sibiu, a NOC within national RDS network.
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Dan C. | Elance

Dan C.