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Debbie Feldstein

Let me say it for you with innovative copywriting
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I'm an accomplished copywriter eager to add more names to my international list of satisfied clients. I specialize in the creation of irresistible marketing copy in the form of online sales letters, autoresponders, advertorials and press releases, and social media posts. I'm also a prolific writer/ghostwriter, with more than a hundred ebooks to my name...most in the area of small business development and natural health topics. I'm willing to do whatever it takes – short of murder, espionage, and karaoke – to ensure my clients' satisfaction
Service Description
Debbie Feldstein is a freelance non-fiction writer based in New York City and the visionary wordsmith behind Creative Blocks Editorial Services. She provides a full menu of business collateral including press releases, brochures, sales letters, and autoresponders.

A prolific writer, Debbie has authored dozens of books and hundreds of articles on sales and marketing topics. Among her ‘best sellers’ are How to Market Your Small Business, Your UPS and You, How Tattoo Artists Earn Publicity, Newspaper Marketing, Leveraging Your Assets, and How to Create Information Products.

Debbie recently launched a new coaching service aimed at freelance service providers. She works with marketing writers as well as photographers, graphic designers, and other ‘creatives’ to help them build their client lists and promote their businesses effectively for pennies…or less!

There's more to being a top freelance writer than creating copy. You can depend on me to keep my eye on your deadlines AND your budget. I strive to deliver a service package that includes the highest level of customer care.

And who says business can't be fun? You'll find my written and verbal communications as spirited and engaging as my copy.
NY SUC Geneseo
B.A., English for Secondary Education
1972 - 1976
Payment Terms
Payment terms and turnaround time are negotiable, but will be mutually agreed to prior to the start of the project.

Generally, 50% of the projected fee is due at signing; an additional 25% at the presentation of a first draft; and the final 25% at the completion of the assignment.
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Debbie Feldstein | Elance

Debbie Feldstein