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About the Company

Development Mill is software development company. We have over 6 years experience with more than 20 Developers.

We are the member of association and Acquia partner:

Just three words will explain about us: Trust, quality and speed.

Our speciality are:
- Mobile (Android, iPhone, Win Mobile, Game development)
- Web (Drupal, Yii, Cake PHP, PHP frameworks, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET, Java Script, HTML/CSS, MySQL)
- Design (web, mobile apps design, logo)
- Console application development (C/C++, C#/.NET, Linux, Microcontrollers)
- Embedded programming (TCP/IP, UDP, RS232/USB, WRT, firmware, middleware, drivers)
- Server & database administration (7/24 remote system maintenance with maximum 4 hours response time)
- Support and deploy ? LAMP, load balancing, optimization
Service Description
Excellent staff is the cornerstone of successful development.
Our team consists of highly skilled, university graduated professionals.
We provide full range of services, free project management, protection of intellectual property, etc.

Our services:
- Specification for project creating
- Web development
- E-commerce
- High load optimization
- Integration projects
- Migrating of web solutions
- Support, deploy and maintenance of web projects - LAMP, load balancing
- Web design
- Mobile applications
- Mobile design
- Game development
- Security / Stress / Automation testing
- Continuous integration
- Server & database administration
- Server, desktop & embedded applications. Complex automation from the scratch (include industrial):
* Console, services & desktop (C/C++, C#/.NET)
* Firmwares for MCU, MultiCPU, PLC, DSP (C/C++, Assembly)
* Communicating through Ethernet TCP/IP&UDP, RS232/485, IR, USB, I2C, SPI, CAN
* Data collecting, storing, replicating
* Math processing
Acquia Partner
Awarded: 2011
Mathew Cohen
Business owner
2011 - 2011
I would thoroughly recommend the Team at the Development Mill to anyone. They went above and beyond the call to overcome all obstacles and get the job done. They had a great deal of knowledge to contribute to my project which in the end made it even better than I had envisioned.
Kristin Cortina
2010 - 2010
I'm so satisfied with Development Mill that I will continue to work with them (have twice already) on further projects. After years of working with expensive and ineffectual coders & throwing away many, many thousands of dollars, I was beginning to think this project would never get finished. Then I met Dev Mill. This company & its talented coders are finally making it happen. What a relief! I recommend extremely highly.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
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