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Nilay A.

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Top 1% rank in Elance PHP5 code test. Premier LAMP Architect, Excellent HTML5 front-end developer. 10+ years of total experience with proven track record of successfully implementing numerous small to large-scale projects.

Highly skilled in scalable/maintainable internet application development, quality coding, robust application architect design.
Service Description
Ever since I learnt GW-BASIC in 1994, I have been passionate about programming. I have programmed applications, utilities, games, libraries, compilers when I was in School/College and now Iím doing complex internet application, web-services, databases, embedded systems... and much more. I simply love it!

I provide services for personal and small to mid-sized business who need a presence on the internet or to improve their existing web site. All work is guaranteed to meet your expectations your satisfaction. Your project will be completed on time and within your budget,

* I have worked as a lead developer with Yahoo! India
* I have worked with NY start-up to architect their Internet app
* I have been self employed for last few years
* As a independent developer, I have successfully delivered several internet app

* 10+ years of experience, professional attitude
* Comfortable with all aspect of internet app development and deployment
* Specialized in internet app development on LAMP stack
* enjoy working on highly complex projects
* focus on delivering quality work
* attention to detail
* fast turnaround time, but not at the expense of the end result

When you hire me for a project, you are not just hiring a programmer but also an advisor. It takes more than just programming to turn your idea into a good application. Bridging that gap is my expertise.
Internet app now become more of how you create the user experience that just doing complex server side coding. I can enhance your idea toward more sophisticated UI/UX using HTML5, AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript
I will be glad to share my expertise with you. I won't simply disappear for weeks on end to write code only to emerge when the product is finished. We will be in constant contact to work out issues and to come up with solutions. You get to see your app come to life and you'll always be in a position to provide feedback.

Once development starts, I will take my time to build the foundations of your project. I work in small steps and after each step is complete it is tested and any bugs are fixed. I don't wait with the bug fixes until the final testing phase of the app. Bugs are cheap to fix the moment you find them; they are much harder to fix later.

This step-by-step approach guarantees a high quality product with few defects that is easy to maintain and expand later. Progress might appear to be slow at first but rest assured that your app is taking shape, it's just not very visible in the beginning.

Beware of developers who claim to work unbelievably fast. Quickly written code is full of bugs that are hard to find. When a developer rushes the development (because he is inexperienced, in a hurry, or wants to make a good impression), it may seem like the project is coming along quickly -- but this is only superficial. There will be many delays later getting the bugs out. In the end the slow-but-good approach is quicker than flashy development; it just takes a little longer to see cool stuff on the screen.

Human alone cannot make anything awesome web-app happen unless there is some defined process to achieve that. My working experience with Yahoo! Made me understand about the importance of processes. The big company do not have that all costly processes just for luxury but to reduce/nullify the risk of failure. I properly use the SVN repository and proper build and release management system along with proper unit test and QA. I have in house Linux/Apache server as well as dedicated Linux box in Amazon cloud to simulate the production environment.

Contact me to talk about your product and your plans for it. I'd be happy just to chat about your idea and the possibilities for turning it into an awesome web app. I hope to hear from you soon!
Elance PHP5 code tested (top 1% ranking)
PHP5 code tested (top 1% ranking)
Awarded: 2010
Awarded: 2006
Awarded: 2003
Punjab Technical University
Master in Computer Application
2006 - 2009
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