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DRISHTI INFOTECH is a Offshore BPO service provider in India, founded in 2007 is based on the realization of the need of efficiency in businesses in a rapidly globalizing economy. This is where great people and innovative technology combine to bring you the best in Call Center services and Offshore BPO Services.
We expertise in providing BPO services with domain experience, process skills and world class Technology. We have developed strategy to achieve breakthrough results, accelerate time binding results, optimize business, maximize operational & organizational efficiency to integrate your business. We offer BPO services, KPO services, Call Center Solutions.

DRISHTI INFOTECH strongly believes that all businesses have their unique mission and objectives. We are a one stop offshore BPO solution provider having competency on broad spectrum of BPO Services, Data Entry Services.
Service Description
Just give you an idea about our work type and also ongoing work of us:

Email Collection: We are very much successful in email searching work. We can say this is our forte. Clients need was to collect personal emails of given names. And we complete it successfully. And also next same work from same client is still going on. We also work for other clients for email searching.
PRODUCT UPLOADING: Here client provide us the product keys which they are looking for and we upload the product and necessary text.
MOBILE APPLICATION DATABASE: In this project we were work for a software company who create software for mobiles. For this software, we did the data collecting and data entry part.
IMAGE COLLECTION: Here client give the data with company name and address, we need to collect high resolution images of that company and that particular address provided by the client.
OCR DIGITALISATION: In this project we need to correct some old newspaper cuttings in their own software. And also make a database of it.
HRB Form Filling: In this project client provide us forms we need to make an excel of it. For this work we do double entry and QC also.
ICICI CREDIT CARD FORM FILLING: We did Form filling for ICICI Bank Credit card division eastern zone. We collect the hard copy, enter the data in given software (double entry), did QC and also end of the day had uploaded the work for the day.
LONDON TIMES: This is a PDF to Excel project. Here we enter the closing rates of particular companies from a news journal. This work has successfully completed in Jan’ 2011.
LONDON TIMES ECONOMICS: This is also a share base project. Keep the record as per instruction.
DIVIDEND: This is also a PDF to Excel project. Here we keep records of companies in per year basis. This work has been completed successfully.
MARC: In this project we keep records of shares of different companies of different cities of NY.
OATH: Here we search the address of a particular patent no from specified web site. This is an ongoing work. This work come every Tuesday night and have to submit Wednesday morning.
GOOGLE: This a web searching project. We search UK based solicitors web sites and their e-mail through GOOGLE MAP.
KINGMA: This is also a offline work. Here we convert handwritten PDF into excel.
NGO SURVEY: This is a Government work. The survey is regarding child education, Child Labor, Child Health, Land property etc. in Suburban Area’s in Eastern Region. Client provides us the hard copy of the forms and we enter into their software.
BSE: It is a work of Bombay Stock Exchange. Client asking for particular warrants activity through the year of 2001-2010 into excel.
NYSE: New York Stock Exchange. It is a similar work like London. We successfully completed this work in March’ 2011.
DATA MINING: It is also ongoing work. In this category we are working with many companies as per their requirement.
JUSTDIAL: Here we collect raw data from the market, like B2B and B2C contacts and fill out online form with these collected data.
INDIAMART: This is a same work like Justdial. The difference is here we enter only B2B contacts.
DATABASE CREATION: Working with some call centers for whom we make the whole database as per their need (Person Name, Address, Phone, fax, Email, Company, Industry, SIC and NAIC codes (if applicable)).
PDF TO EXCEL: In this term of work client provides Hand written PDF of Marriage Register Baptisms Register and Death Register from the year of 1800. We build an excel of these registers.

Payment Terms
Through Elance Only.
Ashwani Bhat
Ashwani Bhat, CEO
With him we have done online work. Contact information collection from given website or link.
Saravanan Nayer
Shighi Technologies, CEO
We have doing a london share market project with them. Its a PDF to xls work. He provide us one more project which is online work. Here we take contact information from a website.
Mario Marchetti
Eceltic, Client Manager
Aditi is a very detailed orientated manager who always puts 100% in to her work. She is excellent at motivating her team to deliver on results with very tight time frames. I found Aditi and Drishti Infotech to be very personable, Aditi was always available via email and Skype which was hugely important and impressive to me. The projects which I worked with Aditi on were always completed on time and with the highest accuracy possible. I would have no problem recommending Aditi
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