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Brad K.

Experienced, Reliable, & Creative Digital Pro
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  |   Jupiter, FL
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As a member of Original Digital, I focus on all aspects of digital development, with services ranging from simple graphic design to vast and complex custom software solutions.

I hold three separate degrees in Computer Science, Finance, and Real Estate; I am adept in the integration of technology into any investment in order to identify advantageous strategies and to achieve enhanced business operations. I provide digital solutions congruent with my clients' needs.

With exemplary examples of work including in-depth custom software applications, high-end corporate web development, complex financial analysis algorithms, promotional graphic and logo design, and advanced mobile app creation, I look forward to the possibility of working on projects that continue to spark my interest and prompt intellectual stimulation.

Please contact me with absolutely any questions, comments, thoughts, or ideas and I will do my best to facilitate you in achieving your overall objectives.
Service Description
-Website and Graphic Design;
-Software and Web Based Application Design, Development, and Implementation;
-In Depth Marketing Strategies and Implementation;
-Mobile Application Creation for Apple, Android, Google, Windows, & Kindle;
-Hardware and Hosted Solutions Expert;
-3D Animation and Extruded Logo Optimization;
-Complete Business Development Consulting;
-Digital Video Production;
-Real Estate Investment Analysis;
-Development Analysis and Land Planning;
-New Business or Product Development and Funding;
-Integration of Technologies in Current Business Processes;
-Strong Network of Contacts Throughout Various Industries;
-Customized Software Development; and
-Existing Investment Opportunities in Real Estate or any other Business.
Internet Marketing Association
CIM Certified Internet Marketer
Awarded: 2012
National Ethics Association (NEA)
Certified Member of National Ethics Association
Awarded: 2011
University of WIsconsin - Madison
BA in Computer Science and Information Systems
1996 - 2000
University of Wisconsin - Madison
BBA in Finance, Investment, & Banking
1996 - 2000
University of Wisconsin - Madison
BBA in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics
1996 - 2000
Information Systems Architect and Lead Designer
2012 - Present
I am very proud and honored to be a new member of WSI T.I.M.E. This national marketing agency specializes in the development, oversight, and managment of traditional and digital marketing campaigns for small, medium, and large sized businesses. As a Manager of Information Systems at the firm, I am able to leverage my degree in Computer Science and continually utilize new technologies to meet clients' overall objectives. Spearheading all initiatives ranging from web development to search engine optimization to public relations, my position at WSI TIME provides me with a diverse course of responsibilities, all while maintaining valued relationships with a wide array of clients. I remain extremely excited to be an active participant at WSI TIME.
Property Shine LLC
Managing Director
2009 - Present
As the Manager of Property Shine, I am tasked with facilitating investors with the underwriting and general due diligence for large-scale real estate projects. With assets including raw land acquisition/development, apartment communities, shopping centers, office buildings, hotels/resorts, mobile home parks, self storage, and large scale mixed use developments, our firm has become adept at identifying and understanding the intricate details associated with real property investment opportunities. From entitlement work to detailed financial analysis to final design and construction management, Property Shine focusses on the progressive needs of real estate investors in today's ever evolving real estate markets.
KR Capital Management
Managing Director / Principal
2005 - 2009
While working as the Managing Director of Kravetz Realty Group, I recognized an opportunity to form an investment vehicle for individuals with a lower level of disposable income, but who still wanted to participate in commercial real estate investments and devlopment. KR Capital Management was established as a private fund, focused on accredited investors who were already affiliated or associated with principals, associates, employees, or affiliates of Kravetz Realty Group. I spearheaded all operations of KR Capital Management, which included short term bridge loans, long term investment strategies, development opportunities, and land re-zoning and entitlement revaluations. In all, there were dozens of investors included in KR Capital Management and even as the economy started to decline, KR Capital continued to prosper and move forward in the commercial real estate markets.
Bear Stearns & Co., Inc.
Vice President
1998 - 2003
Coming out of the University of Wisconsin's Grainger School of Business, there was little doubt that I yearned to work on Wall Street for a large investment house. I was extremely lucky to have secured a position at Bear Stearns & Co. in the Global Strategy Group of the firm's Investment Banking division. Leveraging my combined degrees in Finance and Computer Science, I was assigned as a member of a unique three person team focussed on the interpretation of financial requests related to the then evolving digital revolution. As I entered Bear Stearns, technology was not as accepted in the business world as it is today and the top executives of the firm tasked our group with the responsibility of assessing extremely large loan requests by outside firms looking to invest in emerging technologies related to the Internet and e-commerce.
Payment Terms
I'm very flexible - whatever works best for you.
Tod Brown, GoDaddy Representative
Established as a subsidiary of, was created to serve the complete needs of all business owners. I was hired directly by a representative of GoDaddy and worked closely with numerous representatives to create an enterprise oriented website for all small business owners. Through many design and brainstorming sessions, I helped to establish the complete line of products offered at the site and then worked to implement and design the site. I was responsible for all design work, including the primary logo, various icon designs, the primary site layout, pricing strategies, and general marketing initiatives for the entire site. Visit to find out more about what I was able to achieve for this business venture.
Kenneth Tod Barfield
Tod Enterprises LLC, Owner / CEO
I have provided numerous software development and web design projects for Tod Enterprises. They continually hire me for a majority of their digital marketing requirements on behalf of their contracted clients. After working with them for over six months, I have proven to the owner of the firm that I can creatively tackle any digital objective that he sets. His clients are constantly satisfied with the work that I deliver and I have been rehired for dozens of jobs and projects.
Len Moncrieffe
Pathway Communications Group, Owner
As one of the largest technology and communications provider in the New York and New Jersey area, I worked with Pathway Communications to develop a completely revamped online presence. From a brand new website to a complete and ongoing digital marketing strategy, I worked closely with the owners to increase site traffic and overall sales through the implementation of an enhanced user oriented website. This included the implementation of dynamic product catalogs, customized user based forms, and negotiated volume discounts with preferred suppliers. Since the implementation of the new web site and with the ongoing Internet marketing that I had implemented, Pathway Communications is experiencing tremendous growth.
Von Strasdas
Global Managed Assets Group, Managing Member
Global Managed Assets Group is a boutique investment bank located on Palm Beach's prestigious Worth Avenue. This group has overseen dozens of IPOs for smaller firms interested in raising capital through the public offering process. I have provided numerous financial and marketing analyses for GMAG and have worked with them on dozens of deals, ranging across a wide array of industries. I have also worked with the principals of GMAG on numerous real estate investment projects ranging from 200 unit multi-family acquisitions to larger mixed-use development management and oversight. I continue to maintain a working relationship with Global Managed Assets Group and its principals.
Charles Braznell
National Refuse Technologies, Founder
As a contractor and manager of multiple commercial properties, Mr. Braznell, who is also the owner of Wesley Construction, had the idea for an advanced garbage dumpster enclosure. Mr. Braznell had tasked me with overseeing the entire process and implementation of this new product. From forging the original designs to creating a working prototype to successfully acquiring all necessary patents, I was responsible for all aspect of the business and related operations. This revolutionary product will soon be introduced into the market and will be utilized by property owners and municipalities nationwide.
Ken Meierling
E & V Investment Management, Owner
As the owner of the Engle & Voelkers franchise in Southern Florida, Mr. Meierling approached me to facilitate him with the sourcing, analysis, underwriting, closing, and management of large scale real estate investments. As a large residential broker focussing on luxury estates, E&V was continually exposed to affluent clients interested in investing in the commercial real estate markets. As a residential expert, Mr. Meierling hired me to oversee commercial operations and facilitate all client services related to the investments made by his clients.
Brad K. | Elance

Brad K.