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Dr. James Pendleton

Physician / Nutritional Supplement Formulation
   United States
  |   Seattle, WA
  |  7:58 am Local Time


I'm a licensed US physician and author trained in the design of innovative nutritional supplements -from conception and formulation, to sourcing, manufacture, and marketing.

I practice integrated medicine, teach college sciences, and regularly work overseas to source and study medicinal plants. My passion is botanical medicine and I offer expertise in the creation of effective novel nutritional supplements.

Advisement and services:
-Nutritional supplement formulation
- Herbal material sourcing
- Research & Substantiation
- Interface with manufacturers
-FDA /TGA/Canada/Japan/Europe
- Copy ,White-papers, Fact Sheets

I have worked throughout the the world with direct experience in Australia, Central & South America, India, Southeast Asia, and Middle East.

Past experiences include family practice (USA) ,medical direction of a VIP medical center in Abu Dhabi, UAE and head of research & development for a major US nutritional supplement manufacturer (Irwin Naturals).
Service Description
As a clinical doctor passionate about nutriceutical study and manufacturing I am uniquely qualified in the following areas:

Innovative Herbal Product Design
Formulation of Nutritional Supplements
Nutritional Supplement Safety and Advisement
Product Research & Substantiation
Appropriate Claims Substantiation (US FDA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Europe)
Clinical Insights on Observed and Theoretical Adverse Events
Herbal Material Sourcing
Interface with Contract Manufacturers
Field Research and Material Procurement
Herbal and Alternative Medicine
Biomedical and Clinical Research
Primary Care Medicine
Articles and Copy
White Papers
Sales Representative Education

Besides tromping in the markets and jungles of the world I'm also a practicing primary care naturopathic physician with over a decade of clinical experience and hold current licenses with DEA# in several US states.

I have overseen volunteer, research, and for-profit projects in most of the world with an emphasis in Australia, Central & South America (Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua), Southeast Asia (Thailand & Laos), and the Middle East (Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates).

My experience includes medical direction of a VIP medical center in Abu Dhabi, UAE and management of research & development for a major US nutritional supplement manufacturer. I love to teach and have instructed graduate and undergrad sciences at several colleges and universities (including prestigious Bastyr University) and headed the Brisbane/Gold Coast teaching clinics for Endeavour College of Natural Health in Australia.

My post-graduate education is focused on the balancing of conventional and alternative medicine in a primary care setting.

My credentials are immediately verifiable online using the appropriate state department of health website (Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, and Washington State).

My professional medical education is immediately verifiable at: http://www.bastyr.edu/alumni/degrees.asp

Recent Published Books:
-The Complete Idiot¿s Guide to the Coconut Oil Diet. James Pendleton, NMD and Maria Blanco. Alpha Press 2013. ISBN-10: --, ISBN-13: --571

-Plants as Medicine: Healing Compounds Derived from Plants. James Pendleton, NMD. Traditional Healing Press 2013. ISBN-10: --, ISBN-13: --008
North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners
Physicians Exams (Basic & Clinical Sciences)
Awarded: 2000
World Tae Kwon Do Federation
Black Belt: First Dan
Awarded: 1992
Alaska State
Physician Naturopathic
Awarded: 2010
Hawaii Department of Health
Naturopathic Medical License
Awarded: 2010
California State Naturopathic Board
Naturopathic Doctor
Awarded: 2007
Arizona State Medical Board
Naturopathic Medical Doctor
Awarded: 2006
Washington State Department of Health
Naturopathic Physician
Awarded: 2000
Bastyr University
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
1996 - 2000
Florida Atlantic University
Bachelor of Science -Microbiology
1992 - 1995
US Army
Paramedic -ATLS
1986 - 1987
The University Health Center: SEATTLE
Primary Care Physician
2013 - Present
Seattle: Primary care physician with naturopathic approach to family medicine.
Optimal Health Solutions: Honolulu
2007 - Present
Innovative nutritional supplement design, on location material sourcing, Health-related copy authoring. Specialty in botanical medicine and herbal formulation. Current US licenses / DEA# AK/AZ/CA/HI/WA. USA -Seattle/Honolulu based.
SlimXpress Natural Health Technologies
Consulting Physician
2013 - 2014
Endeavour College AUSTRALIA
Clinic Practice Manager
2013 - 2013
Brisbane, Australia Student Clinic Supervisor
Daytona State College
Assistant Professor
2009 - 2012
Instructor: Undergraduate Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Microbiology
Irwin Naturals
Product Innovation & Technical Marketing
2008 - 2009
Innovative nutritional supplement design and manufacturing: Formulation, substantiation, material sourcing, interface with contract manufacturers, and product-specific copy writing. Also fielded health-related consumer complaints and physician inquiries. Brands: Irwin Naturals, Applied Nutrition, Rapid Nutrition, Nature's Secret, and various private label!
Doctors 4 Vitality
Medical Director
2006 - 2008
VIP Optimal health Center - Abu Dhabi, UAE. Primary Care Medicine, Specialized Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Function Equipment, Aesthetic Laser Therapeutics. Responsible for building and maintaining full medical laboratory. Administrative: hiring and overseeing of physicians, pathologist, dermatologist, pharmacist, nurse, laboratory technicians, and support staff. Negotiations with foreign governments regarding clinic licensing and product research and development. Field research in botanical product development: Thailand, Turkey, and India. Public Relations: television, radio, and printed interviews in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE. Expert source for Gulf News. Speaker, Wellbeing Dubai 2007
Balanced Health Family Medicine
Primary Care Physician and Owner
2000 - 2005
Family Practice, Primary Care Physician, Balanced Health Clinic, 2000-2005 Kirkland, WA. Family oriented integrated health care: emotional counseling, nutritional and herbal support, physical medicine, homeopathy, and pharmaceutical interventions when necessary. Physical examination, laboratory studies, and complementary methods in assessment. Expertise in use of bio-identical hormone therapy. Contributed health-related articles to several local publications.
Bastyr University
Adjunct Professor
2002 - 2004
Part time instructor (graduate and undergraduate): Biochemistry, College Physics, Research Methods and Design.
Payment Terms
All work is confidential with non-disclosure expectations. Please supply your NDA prior to project details and I will return by pdf, fax, and/or hard copy snail mail.

Expect quick turnaround with negotiable deadlines. I supply several routes of direct communication (mobile, VOIP/Skype, email). Please feel free to contact me as needed.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with detailed feedback: I will make changes until you are 100% satisfied or not accept funds. Withdrawn works without detailed feedback will be refunded 50% of any deposit and retain my copyright.

Fees are negotiable by project - ($US): I require either escrow services of Elance or 30% down to begin new projects.

Dr. James Pendleton | Elance

Dr. James Pendleton