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David Broderick

Writer and Journalist
   United Kingdom
  |   Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
  |  9:53 pm Local Time


I haven't signed up to Elance for the money. If all I wanted was money, I would get a job flipping burgers - it would be easier, and the work would be guaranteed. But I've joined Elance instead, because I'd rather be stimulated by the work I do.

What I'm hoping to get from Elance is a chance to earn money doing work that actually interests me. Being creative with words is my passion, and I'm simply not interested in a job where I don't get to be part of making something that I can actually be proud of.

As I'm only 19, and relatively young in comparison to the majority of writers you'll find, I can't boast the same wealth of professional experience as some. However, that's not to say I'm an inexperienced writer, as you can see from the examples I've provided in my portfolio: the reviews I've written for the music website which I co-founded, T-Rexplosion.com, as well as some reviews I've done for other music websites, and an excerpt from one of my screenplays.
Service Description
I'm currently in my second year of my BA Honours Literature course at Northumbria University. For this year I've also chosen a Creative Writing module, which I'm hoping will further develop my writing skills.

In late 2011, I had my first album review published, and since then I've frequently written for several music websites. Alongside this, two of my friends and I have co-founded our own music website, T-Rexplosion.com, where each week we review every new entry into the UK Top 40. This commitment has given me a weekly practice of meeting a deadline, so I'm no stranger to having to work in a time frame.

I'm only in University 10 hours a week, so I can dedicate plenty of time to your project to get the job done to the utmost of standards. On top of this, I'm only in University seven months of the year, so during Christmas and Summer, I'm available to work on your project full time.
Northumbria University
BA Honours Literature
2011 -
Newcastle College
A Levels - Literature, Philosophy, Classics
2009 - 2011
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David Broderick | Elance

David Broderick