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Ravi R.

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I have 9+ Year Experience in Designing in eBook ePub/Kindle/Fixed Layout Conversion. I can deliver good product on time. I can work from any Kind of source (Microsoft Word, PDF, InDesign, Quark, Pagemaker, etc). We always test files in iPad/kindle/nook before sending. I can deliver project on time with quality.

Please check My 350+ Client Feedback we have received for this type of work from our other clients: https://www.elance.com/s/ebookconversion/job-history/?t=1
Service Description
"eBookConversions Service"--------, a trusted name in content conversion offers you Fixed Layout ePub conversion services, allowing you to create books with precise layout, closely matching the actual page layout of the source, using CSS.

With Apple now providing support to Fixed Layout ePub format for iPad and iPhone, it would be easier to maintain the integrity of the original printed page formatting and layout vis-&-vis the standard eBook formats? (ePub, Mobipocket etc.) which were more compatible with the text rich books or books with small embedded images where it would let the text and images reflow to fit the screen of the eBook Reader.

In a fixed-layout ePub, the text does not reflow and can be zoomed in and panned around just like zooming an image. The text would also be searchable. A fixed layout ePub has a pixel specific page size that is used to precisely control the layout of the objects on the pages. One can embed fonts, choose particular text sizes, precisely position images on the page and can even create a two-page spread for pages where a single image spans both pages. The fixed layout ePub pages will always look the same across thus preserving the printed page layout.

Some facts about Apple's Fixed Format Layout
Since Apple introduced Fixed Layout ePub in December 2010, thousands of children?s books have already arrived in their original print format to be browsed in as an iBook app.
Fixed Layout ePub is enabled with features like bookmark, zooming, text search, dictionary linking and thumbnail navigation.
Audio and video can be embedded within the fix layout format enabling publishers to complement the features like ?read to me?.
Best solution for brief two page spread content in Magazines, Brochures and children?s books.

Our Fixed layout ePub Conversion Process
Covert your title into Apple's Fixed Layout ePub, through 4 simple steps:

Send us the sample PDF of your published content.
Get the quotes and free sample of few pages from us.
Book the order with us and get your fixed layout book within a stipulated time.
Send you Fixed Layout ePub to Apple iBookstore via iTune connect or your eBook distributor.

Advantages of Partnering with "eBookConversions Service" for your Fixed Layout ePub Conversion Services:
Experience and Expertise: Apple?s Fixed Layout epub Conversion necessitates focused attention and orientation to details. The process for creating these books is much different than creating a standard ePub file. In fact, it is almost like typesetting a page on the screen, which is quite a skilled and tedious task. The developers at "eBookConversions Service" have hands-on experience of working in this format and have converted several titles for publishing in Fixed Layout on iPad.

Round the clock availability: Regular connectivity through one-person point of contact mechanism

Precision and accuracy: "eBookConversions Service" maintains utmost client specifications. To ascertain that your title is error free, each formatted book is checked and rechecked and then browsed on the iPad before delivering the final copy to match with your exact needs.

Adherence to Apple's Guidelines: All eBooks created by us are validated and meet all set standards and guidelines, ready to be submitted to iBookstore.

Trial Offer: We offer a sample (trial) job without cost or obligation to give valuable insight into our high quality conversion service and quick turnaround time, before embarking on the entire project. Send us your Book and we will return to you, a few chapters of your title in high-quality Fixed Layout ePub format conforming to the IDPF Standard.

eBookConversions Service---: We will convert from Indesign, Quark, Word DOC, PageMaker file, PDF to all ebook formats including Epub and Kindle ( iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kindle Fire, and iPhone)

eBookConversions: We can convert to ebooks with enhanced content like, audio, video, cutting edge graphics and make them interactive, even read aloud books. (iPad, Nook and Kindle fire)

Provide a PDF, inDesign, Quark, or Word file and I will convert your file to ePub and to Kindle. Your ePub will be validated for use on the iPad, the Nook, through Kobo, and through Google's new Digital Editions. These files will have all Table of Contents interactivity, metadata attached, and images included. Some advanced formatting is also possible, such as call out text boxes, image floats, etc.

Project- Mobi (for Kindle) Standard ePUB (for ADE, E-Book Reader, Nook, iPad, Sony eReader and many other eReaders) Fixed-Layout ePUB (for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch only). Data Conversion, XML/SGML/JOURNAL/HTML/EPUB/MOBIPOCKET Coding, OCR, e-Publishing, Text to XML Conversion, Text to SGML Conversion, PDF to Text Conversion, PDF to MS-Word Conversion, Text to MS-Word Conversion.
Ignou University
- 2012
Delhi University
2006 - 2009
Payment Terms
I work on Elance Escrow Projects only. I remain flexible about payment terms; however, I use the following as a general rule:

$50 - $499
50% escrow deposit due at start of project
40% due upon receipt of first draft or milestone
10% due at project's completion

$500 - $1,999
40% escrow deposit due at start of project
30% due upon receipt of first draft or milestone
30% due at project's completion

30% escrow deposit due at start of project
20% due upon receipt of first draft or milestone
50% due at project's completion
Ravi R. | Elance

Ravi R.