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Cynthia R.

   United States
  |   Lone Rock, WI


I am an experienced, former English teacher particularly interested in writing or editing academic and fictional compositions. My favorite courses to teach were Creative Writing and Oral Communication; I thrive on helping writers and speakers discover better diction and more effective ways to paint mental images for their audiences by using precise language and vivid words. Accuracy in grammar and usage is as vital to creative writing as it is in technical documents, and I am attentive to these details in all types of documents.

I will not bid on a job that I don't think I can do with a high level of accuracy and customer satisfaction. I have the time to devote to jobs and I have the luxury of selecting only those that I will enjoy doing, so employers can be assured that if I bid on the job, I will do it well.
Service Description
Fielding Graduate University
Master of Arts in Collaborative Educational Leader
2004 - 2006
BA in English Education and BA in Elementary Educa
- 1988
Riverdale Schools
English/Language Arts Instructor
1990 - 2012
Payment Terms
None specified
Cynthia R. | Elance

Cynthia R.