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Carlos G.

Your Best Web Map developer
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I'm a Web Mapper. Coldfusion, PHP & Web developer (since2005).

With large expericence in Google Maps, Google Earth, OpenLayers, Mapserver, Coldfsuion/ PHP /Javascript/Jquery/Json/XML/APIs - SqlServer/MySql/Oracle)
I do also scripts & developement, fixes etc... (Vba,XLS,KML,XML, )


In short: I'm a Mapper!!.

Please hire me
Service Description
I'm a Coldfusion, PHP Web developer (since 2005).

With expericence in database MSSQL, MYSQL, ORACLE, ACCESS.
I do util scripts & developement, fixes etc... (Vba,XLS,KML,XML Google Maps Bing Maps)

I am a translator of French / English / Italian to Portuguese.
I am bilingual in French, lived 8 years in France, and I graduated from the University of Lisbon in French / Italian and FacoltÓ per Stragnieri di Perugia.
I do not have any limitation in areas of knowledge.
In short: I'm your translator.
I do ebooks and conversion to ebooks
Payment Terms
I work essencialy to do what client needs. I adapt my code for the best funcionality.
Carlos G. | Elance

Carlos G.