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Embin Technologies

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About the Company

Welcome to Embin Technologies!

We are a company focused on developing the best, reliable and robust custom embedded product using easily available low-cost components in market and also developing informative & participatory custom web application Web 2.0, which allows a much higher degree of granularity & texture to web presence, for our clients and partners. To help you understand we have put together some Case Studies for you.

We have expertise in writing embedded software for several microcontrollers, designing high quality analog / digital hardware and writing desktop/smart phones/web software applications which can communicate with embedded systems to control it and acquire data for analysis. This enables us to provide end-to-end solution for our clients and partners. To get acquainted with our technical expertise, please see ourSoftware Engineering andHardware Engineering links.

Best Regards,
Embin Team.

Service Description
The software engineering team at Embin Technologies is an integration of a various groups having embedded, system, desktop and web software skills. The software skills along with our hardware skills provide a single platform for our customer to think of innovative and competitive solutions.

> Embedded Software: C, C++, Assembly.
> Microcontroller cores:
? 8 bit: 8051, PIC, AVR, Silabs, 6502
? 32 bit: ARM Cortex M3, ARM7TDMI, ARM720T, ARM920T
> Real time operating systems: Embedded Linux, eCos, freeRTOS
> Device Drivers: UART, LCD, I2C, Ethernet, GPRS, GSM, SPI, MMC, IR.
> Protocols: TCP / IP, Bluetooth Low Energy, GSM.GPRS, RF, RS232/485, Modbus, SmartCard.
> Source Control: SVN

> Desktop Software: Microsoft Visual Studio.

> Web Software: Web 2.0
? Client / Browser side: JQuery framework, CSS 3, Ajax, HTML 5.
? Server side: PHP 5.3, Apache 2.0, Smarty, Symphony, MySql, Linux (Fedora/CentOS).
? Data transmission: XML, JSON.
? API Services: REST architecture.
? CMS: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payments terms are depending on the project and mutually agreed between both the parties. Our standard payment terms are as follows:

Project Start: 25%
Design Completion: 25%
Development & Beta release: 25%
Completion and acceptance: 25%
Embin Technologies | Elance

Embin Technologies