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About the Company

Enticesoft - An Indian software Company with the primary focus on Independent Software Testing. Company’s main objective is to deliver timely quality software. We help clients move their services and products up the value chain and create a unique experience for their customers.

Enticesoft delivers high quality work and execute the projects resulting in better quality, efficiency levels and cost savings for our clients.

Our Website: http://www.enticesoft.com

Some of the best minds and talents are a part of our team.
They comprise of Manual Testers, Automation Developers, Performance Engineers, Security Analysts and Quality Analysts having wide range of experience.

Team work is the main emblem of our company.
"Enticesoft" is a family more than a company. We try to maintain a very high level of energy & open door policy which helps our employees to put in their best.

We have certified testers as part of our team.
Service Description
Enticesoft a team of highly qualified & certified professionals brings several UNIQUE benefits to the table, for our customers.

We provide following services:
[A] Manual Testing:
o Requirement Analysis and Planning.
o Implementing the test strategy and preparing test plan.
o Writing test cases (properly documenting the test cases).
o Executing test cases.
o Finding & reporting defects (Defect Management).
o Manual testing service benefits our customers in following ways:
1. Zero level (first time) testing is always better to perform manually.
2. Helps in functional testing as newly developed functionally tends to have defects (not stable).
3. Performing more ad-hoc (random testing) helps in discovering all possible defects.
4. Helps in reducing short term costs.
5.100% automation is not normally achievable, and whatever level you hope to achieve, you still have to get there from a manual start.

[B] Automation Testing:
o Test Automation using C# .Net, Selenium, QTP, TestComplete etc.
o Business benefits of our automation framework:
1) Dynamic, reusable, best suitable for repetitive executions & easily maintainable.
2) Can be executed against different URLs/Environments of application.
3) Cross browser execution compatible (IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari & Opera).
4) Execution on multiple browsers or multiple machines is possible at the same time.
5) Automation & execution of mobile browser functionalities is biggest advantage.
6) Customized HTML results reporting.
7) Proper screenshots will be automatically linked to passed & failed steps. Failed parts will be marked with Red border in screenshot.
8) Automatic email notification containing results will be sent to intended recipients.
9) Suites can be divided into smoke & regression suites, so quick execution & detailed execution both purposes can be fulfilled.

[C] Performance Testing:
o Performance testing using JMeter, LoadRunnerOR, LoadComplete etc.
o Performance testing service makes our customers rest assured on following performance related factors:
1. Speed: Does the application respond quickly enough for the intended users?
2. Scalability: Will the application handle the expected user load and beyond?
3. Stability: Is the application stable under expected and unexpected user loads?
4. Confidence: Are you sure that users will have a positive experience on go-live day?

[D] Security Testing:
o Security testing using open source tools OR the tool suggested by our customer.
o Security testing service benefits our customers in following ways:
1. Intelligently managing vulnerabilities.
2. Avoiding the cost of network downtime.
3. Meeting regulatory requirements and avoid fines.
4. Preserving corporate image and customer loyalty.
5. Protecting business partner relationships.
6. Justifying security investments.
7. Satisfying prerequisites for cyber security insurance.

[E] Database/Back-End Testing:
o We perform database testing using SQL.
o Database/Back-End testing benefits our customers in following ways:
1. If there is any bug in the database that bug may cause a severe problems like dead-locking, data corruption, poor performance etc. These bugs are very difficult to find in manual testing / front-end testing.
2. Many bugs can be effectively found and fixed in the early development stage.
3. When back end bugs are fixed, the system quality is dramatically increased.

[F] Mobile Applications Testing:
o Browser applications testing.
o Native applications testing.

Vertical Markets:
1] Banking & Finance
2] Insurance
3] Healthcare
4] Medical Device & Life Sciences
5] Telecom
6] Retail
7] Trading
8] Logistics
9] Engineering
10] Government
11] Network Equipment
12] Aerospace & Defence
13] Media and Entertainment

Technology Platforms:
1] CRM
2] ERP
3] Cloud
4] Wireless & Mobile
5] eCommerce
6] Multimedia & Flash
7] SAP
8] CMS
9] SOA
10] POS
11] Legacy

Software Testing Tools Competency
1] Automation Testing Tools:
HP - Quick Test Professional, HP - Win Runner, Selenium, TestComplete, SoapUI, SilkTest, and WATIR.
2] Performance Testing Tools:
HP - LoadRunner, JMeter, VSTS, Microsoft Application Center Test, OpenSTA, SoapUI, BrowserMob, AppLoader, and LoadComplete.
3] Test Management Tools:
Test Director, HP - Quality Center, QAComplete, Test Rail, Test Link and QAComplete.
4] Defect Tracking Tools:
HP - Quality Center, Mantis, Fogbugz, QAComplete, Jira, Rational Clear Quest, Bugzilla, On-Time, and Trac.
5] Version Control Tools in Testing:
Clear Case, Visual Source Safe (VSS), and Concurrent Versions System (CVS).

Enticesoft Advantages:
1. We have done lot of research work on testing methodologies, defect tracking, Automation testing, Performance Testing and Security Testing. This helps us in testing complex applications in fast pace environment.

2. For Test Automation, Test Planning and Test Execution projects, Entice-Soft has standard reports and templates to track actual progress relative to the plan.

3. Our proven processes and experienced teams have secured and improved quality in a variety of product areas including system and platform software, applications software, web services, and software for hardware devices and peripherals.

4. Entice-Soft is a one-stop shop for providing testing services. Our experience is that customers engaging with us for functional level testing, after learning about our other test services, expect complete and comprehensive testing of their applications / systems from our team.
ISTQB Certification
ISTQB Certification
Awarded: 2010
Shivaji University, India
Bachelor Of Engineering (IT)
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
As per engagement model decided.
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