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Mike Rodel

Excel Trainer / Programmer (20 yrs of experience)
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Microsoft Excel Trainer / Programmer (20 years of experience)
Service Description
During my career as a corporate Excel trainer and programmer, I heard time and time again that I should start my own Excel consulting business. Elance became the perfect opportunity.

Excel can be completely controlled through VBA programming, from simple tasks to complex softwarelike applications. My solutions have taken countless manual processes that were taking hours and automated them down to the simple click of a button. No job is too big or too small. I have created solutions for Finance, IT, Sales, Human Resources, Sourcing, Quality Control, Real Estate, etc.

Thank you for considering me for your project. I value your business!

Mike Rodel
Excel Automation

I can take raw data in whatever form it's in (CSV, PDF, etc) and tranform it with the click of a button: Removing duplicates and unneeded data - Adding custom formulas, headers, and formatting

Some of the of solutions I have developed:
CSV/TXT/PDF Conversion Tools Excel Forms - Point and Click Reports - Sales Quotes - e-Catalog Formatters - Web Scrapers - Name/Address/Text Split or Combine - Duplicate Data Removal - Automatic File Combining/Splitting

I am VERY well versed in:
VBA/Macros - vlookups - User Forms - PivotTables - Graphs/Charts - Conditional Formatting - Validations - Arrays and Indexes - Flexible Ranges - Data Security - Trend Analysis - Advanced Formulas and Functions

If you have an online catalog that you are faced with the time consuming challenge of keeping your products up to date with the new product offerings of your suppliers, then you have the right person for the job. I have written numerous Catalog Formatter tools that will take your supplier's files and tranform them into the format needed to upload to your website, adjusting pricing, SKU's, image urls, check for price increases, etc. I have samples I can forward.
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Mike Rodel | Elance

Mike Rodel