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About the Company

ExcelPower provides consulting services that help you unleash your best ideas, get things done and puts you on top of your business using simple Office solutions.

When it comes to productivity, there is hardly any tool that beats Microsoft Excel and other Office Suit Applications! There are more than 500 million Microsoft Office users and with every new release this number is going up with new and enhanced features continually being added.

Thinking of doing things better! Yes, that is always the case?you can make things run far better with little professional help and that?s what we are here for.

ExcelPower mainly utilizes the powers of Excel for various solutions. But yes, you are right?Excel perhaps can?t do everything by itself. That?s why we provide expertise in other applications like, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Xceisius and most latest application that is taking the world by storm, SAP HANA.
Service Description
We are not tech-junkies who only sell over engineered and complex programmers!
We have more than 10 years of experience in Excel and Office applications development with strong functional background. The leadership comes from IITís, the best education institutes in India. Our team not only has technical expertise in VBA, VSTO, .Net and SQL but also rich functional experience in fields like ERP and SCM. Our team has excellent communications skills and we know how to communicate with the clients to understand the business problems and offer the right solution.

Excel Power specializes in providing following business solutions: -

-Application programming in Excel, e.g., scheduling, costing, probability etc.
- Integration of Excel with other Office applications.
-Optimization solutions in Excel files, e.g., Make or Buy, facility location, plant layout etc.
-Financial analysis and Data crunching, e.g., stock analysis, cash flow, trend analysis etc.
-Data analysis using PowerPivot
-Risk analysis and probability distribution.
-Project feasibility using Monte Carlo simulation.
-Data retrieval and Dashboard reporting.
-Dynamic graphs and reports, showing key statistics and trends, e.g., box plot, bullet charts
-Customizations of Excel formulas.
-Data extraction from web/ external data sources
-Dynamic and interactive dashboards in SAP Business Objects Dashboard (earlier know as Xclesius)
-The newest skill we have added in SAP HANA modeling.
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Payment Terms
Contract terms are flexible and will be based on the nature and duration of the project. Payment is accepted only after complete customer satisfaction.
Seamus Devlin
jjd168, owner
Project involving complex betting calculators which was accomplished using Excel native features and VBA programming
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