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About the Company

We are a group of developers specialized in Microsoft technologies and standards. We are concentrated in .NET technology with more than 8 years experience in designing and developing personal and enterprise solutions.
We have developed lots of web and desktop solutions using visual studio and SQL server/access.
Service Description
We can consult in application architecture and design problems and develop a fully functional application, highly tied with new standards, in a timely manner.

Our staff has strong communication skills thanks to the projects we have developed so far.

For years we have been helping companies in different sizes and different locations world wide to understand their business model and leverage the software power to make their business more efficient.
As industry grows and technology progress, the communication revolution makes our world much smaller place and as a result companies needs to be more competitive.
Now the need to be more competitive and to remain responsive to ever growing customer expectations brings this need to companies that they have to bring something more to their customers, thats what we do here.

We bring a new business model using the latest technologies in the industry to maximize the companies effeciency and help them to analyze their business workflow and design a software model based on that.
We implement the designated software model and help the companies to learn the system and use it in the standard way.

We believe in order to be able to produce efficient systems for our clients we need someting more than experience:

We ask the right questions.
eXpedrium wants to know how you intend your website to serve you.
We offer intelligent choices to meet those objectives.
We offer ideas that can broaden your goals. When the eXpedrium process of analysis is completed, your target is clearly in view, and attainable.

eXpedrium designers creatively apply industry-leading technical skills to include the latest and best technologies in your website. Your eXpedrium website design will be up to date, smart, handsome and pleasing.

eXpedrium websites are friendly.
They are accessible to the widest possible audience through browser and computer compatibility. Ease of operation In addition to features that permit the visitor to easily use your website, eXpedrium builds in features that encourage visitors to do what YOU want them to do. Visitors to eXpedrium websites are not frustrated. They are directed in ways that serve both of you.

eXpedrium websites permit ease in updating.
The design ingredients will assure that when your website requires upgrading, you will be adding value to your site, not merely adding material.
An eXpedrium website stands out Originality. Your eXpedrium website begins with fresh ideas from our design staff. The ideas are generated from an understanding of your goals and wishes. Your eXpedrium website translates purpose into substance. We do it on purpose: Your purpose.
Value Your eXpedrium website is an investment in your achievements, present and future. It will demonstrate its value to you in both the short term and long term.
An eXpedrium website is up-to-date, easy to use and great to look at. You will get used to all the compliments.

Your eXpedrium website is browser-friendly, easy to maintain and upgrade, and sensible in appearance and use. Your visitors are directed simply, intelligently and carefully.

Your eXpedrium website is guaranteed.
Our guarantee is supported by an active Quality Assurance program that begins with the first contact and continues long past your acceptance of our product.
The eXpedrium client is assured of performance and satisfaction. We promise pleasing results, and stand behind our products.

An eXpedrium website is priced properly.
Like a good stock, the future returns are greater in proportion. Returns can be measured by how many times we hit your target. We take careful aim.
Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
Awarded: 2008
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Web Applications
Awarded: 2008
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Windows Applications
Awarded: 2008
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist - Distributed Applications
Awarded: 2008
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
For projects less than $600 we do the project in one phase.
For projects less than $1100 we break the application in two phases.
1- Designing application architecture and implementing basic design (30%)
2- Developing, implementing and testing complete application (70%)

For other projects we break the whole application in 5 phases.
1- Specifying application design and architecture.
2- Developing and implementing the main forms and basic features.
3- Developing and implementing advanced functionality of the application.
4- Testing and debugging in the business environment for any probable errors.
5- Ongoing updates and complementary features of the website after the project is complete.

We will get 10% of the project fee after delivering of the first phase.
30% after completion of second phase.
50% after completion of third phase
10% after completion of fourth phase and deliverting the complete application.

After you are done with the website you might think of new features or enhancing current website functionalities.
Those are all welcome and since they are mostly small modifications that might happen on an ongoing basis, we will do them hourly based. $15 per hour.

If you have a specific payment requirement, you can discuss them upon acceptance of the project.
Kirstin Hegg
Smart Tools, Manager
We developed the company web application and implemented the website in the business environment. Later we helped the company in other applications including phone ordering system. The manager was happy the we could deliver the project on time and with expected quality and features.
Gregory Nies
Acorn Accounting, Owner
This project involved analyzing requirements and designing the company structure and financial system. Then developing and implementing the web application based on our design. The project have been done in two basic phase and a few ad-hoc phases. At the end Acorn Accounting was using a functional and effective web application to manage its business. All their internal processes have been automated and management was happy to get rid of time consuming day to day work that the web application was doing automatically.
Mahdi Haeri | Elance

Mahdi Haeri