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Federico Fuga

Research, Development and Consulting
  |   Verona, VR
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Independent Hardware and Software Developer, experienced in digital design and Embedded System development, expecially on Linux (ARM/SH and others), I also have a long time experience in software development under linux, windows and MacOS, for Desktop, server and mobile applications.
I have more than 20 years of experience with C and C++ development, under Linux and Windows; I love to use QT to develop desktop application, but I have experience developing with the linux kernel under Intel, Arm and SuperH. I also have experience while developing device drivers under windows.
In the last years, I started developing under iOS and Android platform, for different customers.

My main qualities are accuracy, attention to details, the ability to self organize and tendency to work towards goals.
Finally, I am member of the Engineers Association in Verona, Italy, and I am involved in the ICT commission of the same association.

Service Description
I am a development consultant, not only a developer!

In the hardware area, I offer a variety of development services and consultancy that goes from the electronic design of prototypes to full turnkey solution development. Even if you don't have a clear idea of what you need, I can help you studying the best solution to your problem, selecting the right components and systems, designing the schematics and PCB, realizing the prototypes, testing it, and realizing the final sample to go to the production phase.

In the software area, I can develop for you any kind of software for desktop and embedded systems.
For desktop application, I like to use Trolltech's/Nokia's Qt Libraries, under Windows, Linux and MacOS, but I am able to use also different platform and IDEs like MFC and Cocoa.
As a Linux Expert, I like to use GNUs libraries, Boost and other open tools. I have 20 years of experience with C++, so I am able to use a great set of different tools, as needed.
Since some year, I started developing for mobile platform like iOS and Android.

In the Embedded System Area, I can develop firmware for many different platforms and using many different tools.
I have experience with different CPU cores (ARM, SuperH, Intel x86, Motorola) and microcontroller and DSP (mainly Microchip, but also AnalogDevices, Cypress).
I have a great knowledge of the Linux Kernel, I can develop device drivers and bootloaders.

Following a brief list of my knowledge:

- very strong in C and C++ with different platform like Trolltech/Nokia Qt and Microsoft MFC/Visual studio. Strong experience with GNU tools, boost libraries and other OSS libraries. Knowledge of OpenGL and GLSL
- Strong experience with Java under Android and Objective-C under iOS
- Very Strong experience with linux under different platform (intel x86, arm from Intel and Atmel, Renesas SH); in the embedded world, I have experience with OpenEmbedded and BuildRoot environment, but I also developed custom distributions from scratch or starting from commercial distributions.
- Experience with RTAI system (Real Time Linux).
- strong knowledge of algorithm design, Computational Geometry, Digital Signal Processing and Image Processing, and numerical calculation.
- Digital and Power Electronics design, and PCB design
- Firmware development with different development environment, in particular Microchip MPLAB with C and Assembly.
- Some experience with .NET framework (c#) asp.net and php.

Here a very brief list of my most important projects

- Prelude (http://www.preluderay.it) is an engineering application for environmental acoustics. This application uses a great number of Computational Geometry and numerical algorithms to calculate the noise propagation in the open environment, following the UNI ISO 9613 part II. Developed entirely by me with MFC (1.0) and Qt+OpenGL (2.0). A demo can be freely downloaded from the site.
- For a big Italian Company involved in the R&D, I developed the Control System software for a submarine vehicle (ROV) and a real-time data acquisition software. They was developed in C or C++ under Linux, using the RTAI libraries.
- For an italian start-up, I entirely developed a remote supervisor system/gateway for plant monitoring. The hardware platform used an ARM SoC mounted on a custom designed board with Power Supply, Ethernet and many other interfaces. The Hardware was a specially designed Linux distribution based on Buildroot and the 2.6.23 kernel.
- For a small company, I developed part of the linux O.S. and the HMI application for controlling a dentist armchair. It was developed in C on a Renesas SuperH based board (Sh7203).
- For a small company I performed different projects including application for GPS vehicle tracking, for shipping tracking with RFID, for Personnel Access Control and other. I developed the hardware and part of the software of the MilleMiglia Live system for tracking the vehicles taking part to the Mille Miglia.

Spoken Languages:
Italian (Native),
English (Advanced/Fluent)
French (Advanced)
German (Beginner)
University of Padova (Italy)
Specialistic Degree in Electronics Engineering
- 2000
R&D consultant in Electronics and Software
2004 - Present
DV s.r.l. - Padova
R&D and Product Manager
2000 - 2004
- Research and development of new product for the businness unit I was assigned (digital laser printing) - Technical support to customers
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Federico Fuga | Elance

Federico Fuga