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Eric Michael

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13+ years in professional web development. My entrepreneurial web projects have been seen by millions worldwide. Former production editor and business manager of a 1st place U.S. nationally-ranked student newspaper. Some of my sites have been seen in Rolling Stone, Blender, NYC's Z100, international television stations and elsewhere. I think outside-the-box and create world-class beautiful, innovative and functional web architecture.

Ranked among the top 15 of all U.S. developers on Elance by rating, level and earnings.

I took a hiatus from web development (to learn more about the world) and have returned. I am currently building a revolutionary banking UI application and long-term newspaper start-up but am doing limited development. I earned $200/hr+ previously and have provided a similar value to others. I know tech, business and art. See "Service Description" below for more information about myself.
Service Description
As Linux administrator for my own hosting company (which initially hosted my own as well as more than one hundred other sites that were visited, in total, by 300,000-600,000+ unique households daily), I developed a proprietary chrooted shared hosting environment to prevent attackers from gaining root access to each dedicated server on the network (more than twenty) and to other sites. SEO, marketing, performance, design, security, and other efforts assisted me in creating a private hosting network that initially hosted my own but also other highly-ranked sites, including sites I developed for world-famous singers and celebrities, hosted for official American Idol contestants, a site that I search engine optimized, socially marketed, designed and developed to achieve a 1st page Google ranking for a TOP-10-most-searched-term-on-the-entire-Internet for several years (Lycos, Yahoo!), which was also for a time the most visited fan site for the most searched person of the entire Internet -- ever (take a guess), a #1 Yahoo! ranked PHP/XML travel-booking website developed from scratch and an integrated advertising network that served over 6 billion advertising impressions annually.

Advanced web development/management experience extends to the following:

-- First page (or first result) Google search result rankings for 4 of the top 10 most searched terms (people) on the entire Internet (Lycos, Yahoo!)

-- Advanced Linux/Apache/Varnish/Nginx/MySQL performance optimization, configuration, distributed caching, and security knowledge and experience.

I optimized PHP/MySQL programs and dedicated servers to perform magnificently under challenging traffic conditions, which often times utilized nearly 30 terabytes of bandwidth in a single month, while simultaneously demanding resources from CPU-intensive dynamic applications, such as Internet forums, e-commerce platforms, content management systems and more. I created tight security measures that prevented and logged SQL injections, Base64 attacks, Pharma Hacks, PHP-CGI backdoors and others across a wide variety of software programs including, but not limited to, WordPress, vBulletin, Joomla!, Magento and other web software. Through extensive use of modern technologies, I have reduced page load times on dynamic websites from 15+ seconds per page to ~550ms across the board (faster than

-- World-class development standards; I have created highly professional, beautiful and functional websites that have received an enormous number of visitors due to their overarching principles: design, marketing, development, content and more.

-- Currently creating rich, cutting-edge, immersive and lightning-fast user-interface experiences utilizing client-side javascript, backbone.js and associated libraries.

-- I am currently working with companies which require confidentiality of sensitive information, such as in the banking, credit, finance, e-commerce and etc. industries.

-- I know what makes a website and/or product either succeed or fail. I will not be offering my development services on Elance for very long.
Thomas Edison State College
Idaho State University
Biological Sciences (High Honors)
Harvard University, HES
Journalism Master of Liberal Arts in Progress
Brigham Young University
2001, 2006
SENS Foundation
Biogerontology Researcher
2010 - 2012
2,000+ hours non-profit research into biology of aging, extending healthy lifespan. Google just recently entered this arena with their new company, Calico.
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Back Page Journalist
2000 - 2000
After reconstructing a student newspaper and making it place 1st nationally (when it never had once previously), I was named "Journalist of the Year" for the state of Idaho. I created and edited the entire full-color back page from conception to completion (concept, photography, writing, design) as the youngest member on staff for the largest local newspaper serving a region of more than 350,000.
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