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Floodlight Software LLC

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About the Company

Floodlight Software is a Chicago based company dedicated to creating new and innovative software for the mobile user. Our portfolio includes applications of all kinds from enterprise logistics solutions to highly addictive games. We have the technical know-how, understanding of the mobile market, creativity, and passion to make your idea succeed.

Each developer in our team comes with over a decade of experience designing and developing systems and products for businesses of all types and sizes. Our backgrounds include not only mobile technologies, but the web services and desktop software that back and accompany them.

We've developed mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and BlackBerry Playbook.
Service Description
We provide a full range of development and consulting services. Our clients range from enterprise clients developing productivity tools to individual game designers. With our expertise in mobile application design, we will help mold your requirements into a polished and functionally intuitive product. Our development toolbox is a deep one, with experience in contemporary mobile platforms and accompanying server technologies.

We are not only developers with experience designing and distributing a variety of mobile applications, but we are also your business partners. Our experience in a range of industries and the desire to understand your needs means we can help you design and build a better product.

We feel that communication is key to any development effort, and our specifications are always clearly communicated from the very beginning. We're always available for questions and keep you informed with regular progress updates. Your success is our top priority, and we do whatever is possible to ensure it.

Here is some information on the life cycle of your project when you contract our services.

Estimates - Before starting any job, we'll thoroughly review your requirements and present a detailed proposal that clearly communicates our approach to solving your problem. Depending on the size of the job and level of detail in your posting, we'll likely exchange a few notes or have a call to ensure we fully understand your needs before submitting a price quote. We take this portion of the process very seriously, as we want to ensure both parties fully understand each other before we proceed.

Don't have formal requirements? We can give you a rough order of magnitude estimate. Before going forward with development, we will work with you to define your project's requirements. Costs for this service are typically billed hourly. We then do a no-obligation full estimate off of these new requirements, which are yours to keep.

Interface Design - As soon as we sign a contract, we'll begin by either reviewing your interface design, or developing one for you. During this time, we'll continue to work closely and finalize the requirement before proceeding with the technical design and coding.

Technical Design - Behind the scenes, our architects and developers will work together to outline a technical design for your project that ensures reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. This is an important step in creating quality software with minimal surprises and delays during development. It is often de-emphasized or even overlooked by inexperienced developers.

Development - Once we've completed our due diligence in the above steps, we'll move quickly to dive into bringing your project to fruition. With the flexibility offered by a cohesive team of developers with an array of overlapping knowledge, we're able to quickly produce results. We'll keep in constant contact with you to ensure the project is moving on schedule, and in the direction you envisioned. We'll provide interim builds where it makes sense during the schedule so that you can get an early feel for our progress.

Testing - In the late stages of development, and after completion, we'll deliver builds to you for user testing. This is your chance to complete user testing. Any bugs identified during this phase will be fast-tracked and clean builds will be delivered regularly. The length of this phase depends on the size of the project, but will ultimately end when you have been able to throughly verify everything is functioning properly. For iOS projects, builds will be delivered directly to your device with incredible ease using an amazing product called Test Fight.

Also ask about our beta testing services. For certain projects, we can handle distribution and coordinate testing with our team of experienced mobile application testers. Getting your application into more hands early is a great way to not only identify obscure bugs, but to also gather feedback on usability and general opinions of the product. This is invaluable when developing your marketing campaign and gives advance market data for use in designing upgrades.

App Store Submission - We'll prepare the build for submission to the store, create screenshots, and provide expert guidance in creating an appropriate app listing and pricing scheme.

60 Day Warranty - If you encounter any defects in functionality outlined in the agreement within 60 days of active status on the store, we'll fix these quickly, and for free.

Ongoing Support - We don't disappear after your final payment. We strive to build strong and lasting relationships with all of our clients through quality of work and open communication. If you have any questions or concerns after the warranty period, don't hesitate to drop us a line. We're always willing to answer any questions you have. If you decide you'd like to proceed with enhancements or new products, we're thrilled at the opportunity to return to such elegantly crafted and extensible code!
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