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Fora Soft LLC

Video software development
  |   Saint Petersburg, St.-Petersburg
  |  10:38 pm Local Time

About the Company

Development of custom multimedia software for 10 years with main focus on video software.
Our clients are the US Traffic Police, Stanford University, many large hospitals and companies from the Silicon Valley.

Firstly, we help to clarify your needs.
After that, recommend optimal technologies.
And finally, develop the product - exactly the way you need it.

Our primary focus

- video chats & conferences
- e-learning
- internet TV
- video surveillance
- augmented reality
- computer vision

Your benefits

1. You are sure that video software will be completed exactly as expected because we have carried out hundreds of projects in the field and know how to perform all tasks

2. Warranty of 3-12 months: if any latent bugs are discovered after delivery, they are fixed at no extra charge

3. You do not have to spend time searching different contractors to develop your web, mobile, and desktop video applications - you can order all of them with us
Service Description
We are happy to offer you video software development services of the complete software development cycle:

> Analysis & design: business analysis, technical research, software requirements specification and UI mockups
> Development & Research: graphical design, creation of software architectures, coding, testing, creation of technical documentation
> Installation & Integration
> Maintenance & Support

We serve all industries which utilize video streaming in their everyday operations:

> Entertainment industry: one-on-one and one-to-many video chats, social networks
> Business video solutions: for consulting, support, sales, interpretation services, corporate videoconferencing, virtual mirrors, etc.
> Video surveillance: closed-circuit television (CCTV), closed-circuit digital photography, video content analysis
> E-learning: virtual learning environments, virtual classrooms, webinar systems, peer-to-peer courses
> Internet TV: VoD (video on demand) systems, live streaming, peer-to-peer (P2P) technologies.

Our clients benefit from having constant access to the latest version of the software under development. It is always located on our demo server and is accessible on our demo website for testing purposes. Clients can see the first results almost the day we start working on the project. Moreover, they are not required to use any hardware during the development.

Microsoft Certified Professional
Awarded: 2008
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
30% - prepayment
70% - is divided between project milestones and is paid in accordance with the Terms & Milestones section for the job

Work process description:

> Work starts when we receive prepayment and payment for the upcoming milestone is escrowed in Elance escrow
> We inform the client when the piece of software under development is ready for acceptance testing on our demo website
> We fix all reported bugs if any occur
> Client confirms acceptance of the piece of software and releases the escrowed payment to us
> We deliver source codes of the software to the client after receiving payment for the last milestone

James Mitchell Parker
Video Interpretations, CEO
Video conferencing system for US hospitals and the traffic police. With the help of this system, foreign patients and suspects have the option to take advantage of interpreter services directly in the hospital or police car. This system is currently in use and working successfully.
Joseph Itri
Dance Cam Shuffle, LLC, CEO
The video chat that makes speaking obsolete. Instead, it gives you a chance to dance and rate your video partner's dancing. Partners are switched every 10-15 seconds to prevent monotony.
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Fora Soft LLC