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About the Company

Ingenido focuses on various aspects of educational publishing as well as branding and graphic design.

We work with a team of highly skilled freelance illustrators, typesetters and editors and are equipped to take on publishing and design projects that involve project management, illustration, typesetting, photography or design.
Service Description
Whether you need graphic design, illustration, photography, project management, typesetting, copywriting or editing, we can do just about anything (including some miracles) thanks to our vast team of freelance professionals.

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LISOF (London International School of Fashion)
3 Year Diploma in Fashion Design
2006 - 2007
Design Center College of Design
4 Year Diploma in Graphic Design
1998 - 2001
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment via E-lance Escrow on completion of a job.
Billy Bosch
Mustek (Pty) Ltd, Marketing Coordinator
Various graphic design projects, including print advertisements, billboards and other collateral.
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