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About the Company

We are dedicated team of professionals(40 people) with proven experience and capability to deliver results which allow us to bring tangible value to our customers and help them to achieve their business goals.

Founded in March 2006, FreezePro Software is a custom software development and outsourcing company with its headquarters in Lviv, Ukraine.

At FreezePro Software our Mission is to be a reliable and responsible IT services provider, provide high quality of services and meet customer expectations through continuous process improvement. At the same time we strive to develop client?s performance in their business; our company is sincerely working hard to show profit oriented results to our clients all over the World.

Directions we work is software outsourcing, consulting, research and development(R&D).

Technologies: WPF, Silverlight, C#, .NET, ASP.NET, Javascript, iOS, Java, SQL, Objective C, Android, Windows Phone, VB.NET, Expression Blend, XAML, Metro, Xamarin, MVC
Service Description
Service Description
Our services are more than just technology - nowadays that is a given - but service behind technology as well.

At FreezePro Software we work in the next areas:

- .NET application development(desktop) with WPF and Windows Forms, Xamarin
- Silverlight applications development
- Game development(3d, board games, mobile (Windows Phone, Android, iOS))
- Software recoding or reengineering (e.g. from C++ to C#)
- Graphics and UI editor applications (usingXNA platform, WPF, Silverlight)

- WEB development (ASP.NET, Microsoft SQL, MVC, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails)

We are flexible in our approach and work in a way which is the most suitable for our customers. We follow a stringent Quality Management System (QMS) to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of all processes.

Lean Development, Code review, Unit testing, Daily commits

Development approach:
Discovery, Design, Programming, Testing, Launch, Support

Technology stacks:
- .NET(WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, C#, XNA, XAML, Windows Phone, WinRT, )
- IOS / objectiveC
- Android
- Xamarin
Developing and Implementing Windows-based Apps
Awarded: 2006
Brain Bench
C# Fundamentals
Awarded: 2006
Brain Bench
ASP.NET Fundamentals
Awarded: 2006
Brain Bench
Awarded: 2006
Brain Bench
Awarded: 2006
Brain Bench
Awarded: 2006
Lviv National Univecity of Ivan Franko
Applied Mathematics and Informatics Specialist
2000 - 2005
WPF Developer
2007 - 2009
Different WPF related tasks and technological challenges : MS SQL, ADO.NET, WPF, C# and many more.
Digital Spectrum
software developer
2005 - 2006
worked on various projects, GUI editors done with .NET / Winforms to some medical healthcare systems.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Usually no upfront, preferable milestones !
TM(Time and Material) and DM(dedicated team) are preferable ways to work
Darren Ardener
Just Applications LTD, Owner
Just Ship It product development, see
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FreezePro Software - Xamarin Partner