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Georgia A. Martin

Editing of math, science, etc. (LaTeX, MS Word)
   United States


My expertise in the following areas stems from many years of experience, coupled with my strong conviction that A PROJECT THAT'S WORTH DOING IS A PROJECT THAT MUST BE DONE WELL:

(a) checking, editing, and polishing of documents I have created or co-authored

(b) critical review, editing, and proofreading of documents created by others

(c) tutoring in mathematics, both online (through direct, one-on-one communication with students on the Web, as well as via composition of detailed written answers to questions submitted asynchronously by students) and in person
Service Description
Detail-oriented professional with over 35 years of experience in critical review, writing, and editing of documents in mathematics, science, education, and other subject areas.


Services Provided:

Editing/proofreading of documents in electronic form

Writing, editing, and checking of solutions to math problems

Tutoring in math

Typesetting (LaTeX) and word processing (MS Word)


Documents are checked and edited for content (accuracy, consistency, precision, completeness), readability, clarity, usage, style, and mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax).

Specialties: mathematics, science (computer science, physics, etc.), economics, and engineering

Documents in virtually all other subject areas are welcome. (Please, no pornographic, racist, sexist, defamatory, or other distasteful material!)


Quality of My Work:

I'll examine the content of your document with a "magnifying glass," and I'll polish the text till it shines.

Without a doubt, you'll appreciate the thorough nature of my work and the finishing touches I apply!

My eagle eye easily spots errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar as I edit for accuracy and clarity of content.

With me as your editor, you'll take pride in the finished product, and you'll have no qualms about having it viewed by that all-important party, be it a publisher or agent, a client or customer, a professor or instructor, a prospective employer, a supervisor or coworker, or a visitor to your website.


Hallmarks of My Approach:

I pay close attention to detail.

I am passionately committed to excellence in written expression.

I am exceptionally adept at detecting shortcomings in documents, including flaws in mathematical proof and exposition.

I suggest editorial changes that will result in greater clarity and ease of understanding of your text.

I do my utmost to help you produce a document I would be proud to sign my own name to!

I save you the embarrassment of publishing erroneous or poorly written material.



I edit all kinds of documents: books (including textbooks), manuals, articles (including research papers), theses, dissertations, instructional materials, Web-page texts, newsletters, letters, memos.

Clientele: publishers and other businesses, organizations, associations, government agencies, authors, students, general public

To enable the client to identify the locations of my edits, I mark them in the edited version of the file (via redlining and/or insertion of comments). To facilitate comparison of the client's original version of a portion of text to my edited version of it, I retain the client's original wording in the file.

Questions and suggestions for consideration by the client are inserted into the file in the form of comments.

Formats for documents to be edited/proofread: LaTeX, MS Word



Co-authored a book on recursion theory (a branch of mathematical logic), entitled Bounded Queries in Recursion Theory, published by Birkhauser Boston in 1999, for use by professionals, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates in mathematics and computer science

Co-authored research articles in mathematics and physics, as well as complex scientific data compilations and annotated bibliographies

Enhanced scientific accuracy of numerous manuscripts in mathematics, computer science, and physics

Improved clarity, precision, and style of many mathematical, scientific, and other written communications

Designed a system in the early 1970s for automated handling of bibliographic data, with the foresight to employ a four-digit field (not a two-digit field!) to indicate the year of publication of each entry, thus avoiding what would come to be known many years later as the Y2K problem

Assisted authors not of English-language origin in writing acceptable prose


Work History:

Editing and proofreading of textbooks in college algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus; also, writing of exercises and portions of text for said books

Editing and proofreading of Ph.D. dissertations in mathematics, physics, engineering, computer science, and economics, including checking of the mathematics and provision of additional mathematical content

Editing of a yearly publication of one of the foremost organizations in the field of character education

Editing of a high-school curriculum in social and emotional learning and of a revision thereof

Writing of lessons in mathematics for 8th-grade students, 2003

Writing of step-by-step solutions to mathematics and physics problems, including those posted by high school, college, and graduate students, and editing of solutions written by other solution authors

Editing of a manuscript for a middle-school science curriculum guide, 2000

Critical review and editing of various manuscripts in mathematics, computer science, economics, and engineering

Mathematics research; co-authoring of a mathematics book and research articles, 1999



National Bureau of Standards (later renamed National Institute of Standards and Technology), U.S. Department of Commerce

1. Department of Commerce Bronze Medal Award
2. Sustained Superior Performance Award
3. Superior Accomplishment Award


Professional Affiliations:

American Mathematical Society

American Physical Society


Other Interests, Activities:

Tutoring of high-school, college, and graduate students in mathematics

Tutoring of elementary- and middle-school students in mathematics and language arts

Teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL) to adults

Study of foreign languages: Spanish, German, Italian, French
University of Maryland
Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics
1987 - 1993
University of Maryland
Doctor of Philosophy, Mathematics
1987 - 1993
The Catholic University of America
Doctor of Philosophy, Physics
1969 - 1977
The Catholic University of America
Doctor of Philosophy, Physics
1969 - 1977
Hood College
Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics
1965 - 1969
Hood College
Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics
1965 - 1969
National Bureau of Standards
1969 - 1986
The National Bureau of Standards is an agency of the Department of Commerce of the U.S. Government. Sometime after I left there, its name was changed to National Institute of Standards and Technology. My primary duties: 1. Critical evaluation and compilation of atomic-physics data 2. Critical review, writing, and editing of scientific manuscripts 3. Research on systematic trends in atomic properties 4. Preparation of annotated bibliographies
Payment Terms
Client satisfaction is foremost!

The prime consideration in establishing a bid is output of a high-quality product.


In the case of editing/proofreading projects, I may request a sample of the work to be edited/proofread before finalizing my bid.


Turnaround time depends on the nature and scope of the project.

To ensure that my clients don't get left in the lurch as a result of unforeseeable circumstances that may arise, estimates of turnaround time are deliberately conservative. Projects are nearly always completed sooner than promised.

Payment is received upon completion of the work to the satisfaction of the client.
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Georgia A. Martin