Gaurang Tripathi

Network Admin\System Admin
  |   Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  |  2:21 pm Local Time

About the Company

I have been working as a Network Admin for 5 years. I am a MCSA certified Professional, and have also taken training of CCNA.

My technical experience and interests as a Network Administrator focuses on Cloud Computing; specifically AWS, Rackspace, Scalr with Linux systems preferably uBuntu/Centos/Debian along with scheduling automated backups, Server configuration, Security, Mail Server setups and Server Optimization and Troubleshooting.

Currently, I am maintaining 20 live Servers (Apache, PHP and mySQL) of our Clients at Media Temple and Amazon Cloud.

With deep and advance knowledge of Open Source Services, Load Balancing, Network security, Virtualization, Server migrations, performance tuning, IT consultancy, I have attained expertise in openvpn, aws, Windows 2000 / 2003 / 2008 Server, Amazon EC2/S3, Amazon Route53, Amazon CloudFront, AutoScaling, Zimbra Collaboration Tool, Firewall, VMWARE ESXI, VOIP, Microsoft ISA Server, DNS, DHCP and LAMP Administration.

Service Description
1) : Very Large Scale Network Infrastructure on Amazon Cloud Computing

One of the Court Record Solution from Australia's company. All I did is, setup a whole network infrastructure in Amazon Cloud Computing Platform which includes Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Streaming Media Server, Microsoft Sql Server 2008 with Database Mirroring with witness Server, IIS 7, WCF Services. Also set up a Security Group (firewall) to secure the network unauthorized access.
This was accompanied by setting up cloud watch services of amazon, based on different matrics, to monitor server and email alters. I have also setup Amazon Load Balancer for Web server (IIS7 and Microsoft Streaming Media Server ) for High Availability . And set up Amazon AutoScalling to Add or delete the instances based on needs. Currently there are 30 + instances which I manage on Amazon EC2. I am maintaining all the instances on daily basis such as backups , Monitoring , Installation & Configuration of different Services based on requirement.

2) Well, is the most relevant example which I have recently worked on. It is a wordpress site with Elastic load balancing plus Amazon S3 Bucket alongwith RDS and Cloudfront(CDN) configuration. I have also used varnish cache plugin as http accelerator.

3) Configure Ubuntu Server Instance

Launch & Configure Ubuntu Server Instance with PHP5, Apache2, MySQL, FFMPEGS Server With Elastic Block Storage for

4) Postfix mail server setup

I configured a mail server based on postfix. It was on CentOS and the additional package. I installed on the server was squirrel mail and also configured SMTP authentication.

5) Zimbra mail server setup

Zimbra mail server was setup on the Virtual Server using openVZ. A new template of openVZ is created which includes Zimbra installation which helps to reduce the installation time when new Virtual server will be created using that particular template.

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Nick Hill
Nick Hill - Yello Digital, Director
Migrate existing setup - an entirely new load balanced infrastructure on Amazon Web services.
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Gaurang Tripathi