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Vladimir Sidorenko

Experienced Django and Angular developers
  |   Kiev, Kievskaya obl.
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Team of experienced Django developers. We make complex sites, web applications and server side for mobile apps.

# Strong sides

- experience (there are no juniors in team)
- fast turnaround (no managers on team, you only speak with people who can make decisions, so everything is planned and discussed quickly)
- transparency (we have client interface where you can see all tasks planned and see what developers are doing in realtime. we update our test server daily, so you can see what's already done)
- planning (we use from previous projects and probability theory formulas to estimate new projects)
- quality (test driven development, qa in team)
- efficiency (all tasks are estimated, all time is tracked. there's no situation when developer had silently spent extra time on a task. we only charge for hours when developers were actually working, according to plan)
Service Description
# The team

Team consists of 1 team leader, 6 developers and QA. We mostly do web development in Python with Django on backend and Coffeescript with Angular on frontend.
We work with other supplementary technologies, like mongodb, postgres, redis, tornado, etc.

All of us do backend and frontend development. We outsource design tasks to our fellow web design team.

# Workflow

Each task goes through following stages:

- description, estimation
- development
- automated test
- code review
- deployment to test server
- manual test

# Code quality

We strictly follow pep8 and when working with django - we follow django's conventions about code structure, naming and architecture.

# Testing

We have all code covered with automated tests, also manual testing is done by QA. All project requirements is broken to what we call "client task". Each of them is a self-contained piece of functionality that can serve some business purpose. We use these client tasks both as requirements and as test cases.
Payment Terms
We do hourly projects mostly. For small ones we can do fixed price as well.
Vladimir Sidorenko | Elance

Vladimir Sidorenko