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About the Company

EDITING ON DEMAND is a freelance editing service--Chicago style--specializing in technical and academic works, textbooks and training manuals, magazine copy, newsprint, and other various nonfiction copy. Areas of expertise are rewriting, major rewriting, word origins, removing bias from writing, and as the tagline and name suggest, EDITING ON DEMAND. Need it now? Have your copy edited now, by me personally, not by a staff of people you may or may not be able to speak with regarding changes to your work. Need another revision? Done--until you are satisfied.
I offer a simple, TAILORED SERVICE with quick turnaround, including same day service--all with error-free results.
-- Julianne Geiger
Service Description
Languages and Areas of Expertise
I am a native American English-speaking copy editor and proofreader. I am also versed in British English, can Canadianize text written in American English, and can tweak text to cater to a wider international audience. In addition to English, I have studied Russian, Spanish, and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian (BHS, or the Central South Slavic diasystem). My knowledge of word origins and the appropriateness of certain words in specific geographic locations is top notch.

Experience in Formats
My editing experience includes electronic editing through MSWord's track changes feature, PDF files, OCR with Abbyy Finereader, as well as hard-copy editing.

My Experience
I have edited for first-time authors, publishing houses, businesses, non-profit security firms, major news organizations, and have even tutored students who were seeking to improve their writing skills. I have edited full-length books (nonfiction), insurance manuals, news articles, in-depth world event analyses, how-to books, Web site copy, magazine copy, technical documents, academic works, and yes, even a work or two of fiction; although the majority of my work has been with non-fiction.

My Specialties
My specialties are non-fiction and technical copy, world events,international relations, word origins, quick turnaround; and rewrite.

Other Work History
Prior to copy editing and proofreading, I spent seven years supervising half of the production planning and distribution department at Dart Container Corporation, and another two years working as a project analyst for the vice president of production and finance.

In addition to copy editing and proofreading, I have professional knowledge in the following areas:

*Plastics and thermoforming
*Financial analysis / Trend analysis / Statistics
*International relations
*Movies/TV/Film/Actors (former video rental store owner)
*Foster parenting
*Small business
*Christianity and religion

My attention to detail has been described by a former client in these words:

"What a great copy editing performance! This job was definitely NOT easy, straight forward, or simple. The provider completely exceeded our expectations and displayed a level of competence and attention to detail that seems almost super human! We were extremely impressed and will use this provider in the future. THANK YOU!!! "

Above all, I pay extreme attention to detail. That is who I am.

Editing on Demand is both an editing and proofreading service that can be performed on a variety of levels (heavy to light) while maintaining the author's voice. Services offered include
basic editing
substantive editing
developmental and structural editing
manuscript formatting and layout
complete manuscript evaluations
rewriting, including major rewriting (no academic papers, please)
ghost writing
spreadsheet setup and editing
file transfers

My hardware includes triple laptops*** webcam***fax machine***laser printer***ink jet printer*** desktop computer*** zip drive***jump drive***wireless internet
My software includes Adobe Reader 8.0*** older versions of Adobe***MSOffice2007*** MSOffice 2003*** WordPerfect*** PowerPoint***Quickbooks Pro***Quickbooks Pro Non-Profit***and others

Who does the Work
All work is completed by me personally--I do not farm-out any editing or proofreading work, although I may collaborate from time to time with journalists overseas to fact check region-specific information regarding word usage or their origins.

Scope of Work
All services are tailored to meet my client's needs. I offer anywhere from heavy editing and rewriting services to a light-but-fussy punctuation and grammar check. If your needs are more narrow in scope, a service can be tailored to meet that need. Perhaps you just want to know if your work hits the correct age group or geographic region. Maybe you are a religious or political organization and you want to make sure your text is completely bias-free. Maybe you have a mystery novel and you want to make sure there are no errors of fact, but could care less about the grammar. You tell me what you need--I deliver.

The Style Guide and References
Editing on Demand STRICTLY ADHERES to Chicago style (15th ed.) in all matters, including civil and military titles, numerical notations, abbreviations and anagrams, age/date/time notations, and other detail oriented matters unless otherwise requested. I use Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (11th Ed.), and The Elements of Style (Strunk, White) fills in any gaps left by the others.
I will alter my style if so requested in writing, including in-house styles.

Additional Services
Additional services such as grant writing, translating, technical writing, and investigative journalism are also available. A portion or all of these additional services may be contracted out to other providers (often a collaborative effort). Editing on Demand takes full responsibility for all services rendered on its behalf.
Editing Skills Certification
Awarded: 2008
Certified Editor/Proofreader
Awarded: 2006
Western Michigan University
1991 - 1992
International Releations and Security Network (ISN
2009 - Present
Freelance research, interviewing, and writing news analyses that cater to an international audience. Main focus-human rights.
Specific Editing Jobs
Published Books
2005 - Present
So,You Want to Be a Pilot,Eh?, James Ball B.A., CPL So,You Want to Be a Doctor,Eh?, Anne Berndl, MD, BsCH So,You Want to Be a Lawyer,Eh? 2nd ed Adam Letourneau, BSc, BA, LLB Three Seconds On, Three Seconds Off, David Bigelow Smart Dad Dumb Dad, Robin Burchett Geotechnical Engineering: A Practical Problem Solving Approach, Dr. Nagaratnam Sivakugan and Dr. Braja M. Das Multi-company Project Management: Maximizing Business Results through Strategic Collaboration, Dean Baker Management the Agile Way, John Goodpasture
ISA Consulting
Freelance Editor
2006 - 2008
Editing services of news pieces; in-depth security analyses for all regions of the globe; world risk assessments for aid agencies, advanced warnings for NGOs; intelligence feeds, and special reports for ISAs Middle East and European offices.
International Relations and Security Network (ISN)
Editor, Freelance
2005 - 2006
Editor, ISN Security Watch, Center for Security Studies (CSS), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, Switzerland. Editing breaking news stories and analyses for grammar and style, covering international relations, security, and defense issues worldwide from a global network of journalists. Adherence to in-house style and hourly deadlines.
Dart Container Corporation
Executive Project Analyst
1995 - 2004
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Payment terms and turnaround time are entirely dependant on size and type of work requested. I offer quicker turnaround times than most, and even quicker turnaround can be purchased for a premium. Payment is through Elance only. Payment for small projects are typically due upon completion-larger projects may require mid-project payments. Escrow payments may be required for new Elance buyers.
Dr. Dominic Moran
ISA Consulting, Director of Operations
Freelance basic and substantive editing of in-depth reports on key world events analysis pieces generated for non-profit organizations, security firms, humanitarian and environmental agencies. Based in ISA's Middle Eastern Office in Tel Aviv.
Jen Tracy-Alic'
International Security Network - Security Watch, Editor-in-Chief
Substantive copyediting daily news articles via track changes feature in MS Word. Also editing of in-depth stories on world affairs.
Adam Letourneau
Writing on Stone Press, Inc., Publisher
Copy editing several how-to non-fiction novels in a series