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Genisoft Technologies P.

Genisoft Technologies
  |   Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu
  |  8:30 am Local Time


10yrs old company
*25+ Professionals
*200+projects finished in LAMP-MicroSoft.
*SpendLess GainLot*

Service Description
Genisoft Technologies ia a full service IT and E-commerce company specializing in the planning, development, design and production of programming solutions.

Based in India, our project manager is available to you 24/7.

We offer 3 months free after support on all projects.

Trusted by over 300+ clients, we pride ourselves on our topnotch customer service.

We will send project reports weekly 3 times!
One month free maintenance after completion of the project!
One year waranty after project completion!
Income Tax Department - Government of India
Permanent Account Number
Awarded: 2002
Payment Terms
a) for project values from 0 to 1000

50% advance
50% on completion of project

b) for project values from 1001 to 5000

25% on advance
25% on completion of first part
25% on completion of second part
25% on completion of project

c) for project values from 5001 to 10000

10% in advance
20% on completion of first part
20% on completion of 2nd part
20% on completion of 3rd part
20% on completion of 4th part
10% on completion of the project

d) project over 10000

discussed seperately

Suresh Kannan
Sunwings Canada Inc, Solution Architect
Computerization of following modules of Sunwings Airlines. 1. SWGOPS 2. TRIGGER 3. HIS 4. SMART QUOTE 5. TRIGGER FOR GROUPS 6. TRIGGER FOR MARKETTING 7. TRIGGER FOR ACCOUNTS 8. SELL OFF 9. PROD MOD
Durairaj Periyannaswamy
Island Development Company, IT Consultant
1. IDC Integrated Accounting System, 2. Inventory Maintenance System 3. Personnel and Payroll System 4. Logistics Maintenance System 5. Asset Management System
Genisoft Technologies P. | Elance

Genisoft Technologies P.