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George Vavoulogiannis

Software Developer / Analyst
  |   Piraeus, Attica
  |  5:51 am Local Time


For more than 25 years, as a professional developer, i am building business applications for the Greek and foreign market. I have developed software for the most popular platforms (Dos, Windows, Internet/Intranets, IBM AS/400) and i have long time collaboration in application development with companies at leading position in information technology business such as IBM Hellas.

Some of the skills i possess:
* Excellent understanding of business application
* Broad knowledge of technical solutions
* Excellent analysis and problem solving skills
* Can design and code complex applications using advanced technology
* Can create optimization programs to resolve problems
* Can design and build prototype applications and
* I am results oriented
Service Description
Main areas of expertise is
* Software design and development
* Software life cycle management
* Software Architecture
* User interaction design
* Desktop and Client/Server software
* Database driven applications and RDBMS design
* Management Information systems
* Data entry and mining processes

I am particularly interested on developing software solutions, using Delphi and SQL Servers, for client/server, data mining, business intelligence and relational modeled applications.

I am always interested on new inspirational software projects.
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George Vavoulogiannis | Elance

George Vavoulogiannis