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Venkata Subrhmanyam

Financial Analysis, Accounting services, Modelling
  |   Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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We are a boutique financial services firm providing a wide range of research and analytics services at a cost effective price, helping our clients with the solutions they needed for the success of their business in the highly dynamic financial world.

We cater to small and medium sized firms who expect and demand the highest accounting, technical and quality standards.

We provide Accounting & taxation services, valuation analysis, financial modelling, company and industry research, pitch books and other research related services. We maintain quick books for small and medium sized companies. We create and maintain scalable databases and valuation frameworks for clients, enabling our customers to benefit from our skilled financial analysis.

Certified in the following areas of expertise:

? Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1 & 2 ( Level 3 appearing)

? Advanced Financial Modeling and Applied Financial Modeling by Factset Research System
Service Description
Payroll Services:

• Setting up the payroll systems and withholding information.
• Processing payroll based on frequency and paying payroll taxes online
• Generating reports (payroll liabilities, register, detail)
• Generating Monthly, Quarterly (941, New hire report), Annual Payroll Reports
• Filing of Annual reports like W2, W3, 940, 1099’s with federal and state agencies
• Assisting clients on handling notices from SSA, IRS and state agencies.


• Recording the transactions of the business on a periodically (Daily, weekly and monthly)
• Reconciling bank accounts periodically (Daily, weekly and monthly)
• Reviewing Trial balance and checking each ledger balance
• Converting cash basis to accrual and vice-versa
• Annually, make adjustment entries based on summary of credit card statement/bank statements for business/individuals
• Reclassification of transactions to appropriate account


• Setting up and maintenance of quick books file as per the nature of client’s business
• Converting previous trial balances and financial statements into QuickBooks format
• Recording the transactions of the business on a periodically (Daily, weekly and monthly)
• Annually, make adjustment entries based on summary of credit card statement/bank statements for business/individuals

Taxation Services:

• Gathering the required information from client or quick books, if we maintain client’s books of account for preparation of corporate tax return
• Preparing and filing all corporate, individual, trust and estate federal and state tax forms
• Reconciling difference between book balance profit/loss and tax return profit/loss.
• Apportionment of Gross Sales or Receipts and payroll expenses to each state where tax return is filed in order to arrive at apportionment factor.
• Reviewing the tax return for any corrections.
• E -filing and advance payment of taxes
• Advising on incorporations and company structures

Quantitative Analytics:

• Valuation analysis: Business valuations for the purpose of fundraising – both equity and debt, M&A and operational & financial restructuring
• Absolute: Fundamental analysis of the business, using NPV, discounting of cash flow projections and IRR analysis
• Relative: Analysis of market based multiples, both current comparable companies as well as historical comparable transactions, using cash flow, EBITDA and earnings multiples
• Operating analysis: Operational efficiency and prospects of the company using various matrices of growth and margin
• Financial Modelling: Three statement models projecting company financials, Merger Models, LBO, Debt and Interest Schedule
• Others: Converting all kinds of raw data into meaningful usable output, football field analysis, regression analysis, sensitivity / scenario analysis, IRR, ROIC calculations etc.

Qualitative Research:

• Primary: Conducting all sorts of primary research including market surveys and competitor research etc.
• Secondary: Conducting in-depth secondary research to provide solutions
• Economic Research: Comprehensive macroeconomic and top-down research for in house as well as client use
• Sector Research: Comprehensive sector research for in house as well as client use
• Company Research: Comprehensive pithchbooks, company profiles, information memorandum, prospectus and other company specific presentation for presentation to VC’s, potential investors, M&A and various other purposes.
• Others: Product research, geographic research, executive personnel research / bios etc.
Factset Research Systems
Applied Financial Modeling
Awarded: 2011
Factset Research Systems
Advanced Financial Modeling
Awarded: 2011
National Stock Exchange, India
Financial Markets Module
Awarded: 2009
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT M)
Bachelor of Technology
2006 - 2010
Payment Terms
Flexible as we look for a long term relationship with the clients, not restricting to a single project
Venkata Subrhmanyam | Elance

Venkata Subrhmanyam