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About the Company

I will deliver only evergreen, informative and plagiarize-free web contents. I write from scratch, proofread my draft and use Copyscape Premium to ensure a 100% uniquely written article.
Service Description
Below are the requirements, standards/criteria I imposed to myself for my clients' 100% satifaction:

A. About Me: I am simply a professional, freelance writer with excellent knowledge on just about any topics.

B. My Price per Article: (negotiably, $0.5 to $1 per 100-word article.

C. Submission Deadline: As per your job description. I can even submit a 500-word article in just 1 to 2 hours (maximum). Although this rarely happens, in case my client requested me to revise the article I forwarded to him/her, I can do that in approximately half-and-hour (except if I met an inevitable circumstances wherein I may as well simply require more time revising your article.)

D. Your Topic / Keyword for Me: Any Topics According to my Client (except topics/keywords with objectionable contents, such as XXX, casino, etc.). You can leave your comment to this post together with your oDesk and Freelancer.com IDs and/or exact job online link/s.

E. My General Writing Criteria*
2. I DO INTERNET RESEARCH for each article that I am going to write;
3. I submit ONLY 100% UNIQUE/ORIGINAL ARTICLES (You may require me to submit my article together with a CopyScape result (in .jpg);
4. I USE THE FOLLOWING - FONT TYPE: Times Roman; FONT SIZE, 12; VERTICAL (LINE) SPACING, single-spaced; SPACING BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS, 1; ETC. (You may require me to use heading (H1), subheading (H2, H3...), etc.
6. I USE MS Word 97-2003, save and then zip (if more than 1 article) the set of documents; and,
* Other criteria that are NOT detrimental to our long-term writing partnership.

F. My Article’s Structure* (Some are Optional)
7. GENERAL TOPIC / PRIMARY KEYWORD: ___________________
8. SECONDARY KEYWORDS:___________________
9. NO. OF SUBHEADING: (minimum of) ____;
10. KEYWORD COUNT: _____ words per article (excluding the title, heading, and subheading/s;
11. PRIMARY KEYWORD DENSITY: _____% (use www.kesor.net/keyword-density);
12. OVERALL CONTENT DENSITY: _____% (use www.kesor.net/keyword-density);
13. Minimum words per paragraph: approximately 100-150; and,
14. NO. OF SENTENCES PER PARAGRAPH: 5 (except for product reviews where 2 to 3 is the minimum).
* Other criteria that are NOT detrimental to our long-term writing partnership.

G. Article’s Content*
15. TITLE: I use enticing title with the keyword / key-phrase at the start of it;
16. INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH: Prior to the article’s 1st subheading;
17. GENERAL TOPIC / PRIMARY KEYWORD: I use it “as is” and in bold letters in the title, 1st sentence of the introductory paragraph, 1st subheading (if required), middle content, and last sentence of the article;
18. SECONDARY KEYWORD/S (if required): I use each secondary keyword in the second up to the last subheadings and under each subheading’s content (paragraph/s);
19. PRIMARY KEYWORD APPEARANCE: It must appear “as is” and in bold letters in the title, 1st sentence of the introductory paragraph, 1st subheading, middle content, and last sentence of the article;
20. GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT – definitely, written in excellent English;
22. SPELLING – CHECKED for errors;
23. PRONOUN TO BE USED: ______ (1st/personal) or ________ (3rd pronoun). Note: If 1st / personal pronoun, I use my unique personality, that is, always engaging and easy to read; and,
24. QUOTES: minimum of 3 testimonials (if required, esp. for product review testimonials): Rephrase all quotes or use your own words and then copy & paste the exact URL/website address (especially when you are reviewing a product’s testimonies / testimonials of a customer/consumer).
* Other criteria that are NOT detrimental to our long-term writing partnership.

H. Backing out: After I read your 'own' job description, its detailed instructions and criteria, if I still backed out after accepting your job offer, you may file a dispute against me and give me a negative rating, as well as, flag me as inappropriate (except for some inevitable circumstances where you can request “proofs” that I will submit to you, just in case).

I. Note: I published this link for any hourly / fixed job offers because I also want to have a long-term partnership and permanent team with you as my client. So, if you accept any of my job offer, you waive your right for an hourly pay, that is, you pay me per your individual or bulk article request/order.

J. Finally? If you want me to answer any of your questions related to my application or to this post, kindly leave them here or use the above contact details. Thank you.

K. I want long-term projects and would like to start a-s-a-p! (Please take note of our difference in Time Zones.)

Thank you.


Eilvu Gimatria
Civil Service Commission
Career Service Profession
Awarded: 1997
Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), Philippi
Professional Teacher
Awarded: 1998
Tarlac State University
MA in Educational Management
1998 - 2004
Different Clients (15+ years teaching experience)
Professor, Secondary School Teacher, Tutor
2000 - Present
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
None specified
Eilvu Gimatria
Eilvu Gimatria Corporation, Owner
To date, I am a freelance writer at: oDesk.com (ID: 123Eilvu), Freelancer.com (ID: airtamig), essays.ph (ID: ericdagustin), etc.
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