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About the Company

Glaive is a highly experienced dynamically growing boutique IT solution development company based in the heart of Eastern Europe - Kiev, Ukraine.

Our core specializations are iOS and Web Development (Django-based)

Our main value as a provider is our desire to truly understand your product, create it in the best way possible and magnify it by adding all our knowledge and experience during the process.

We cherish the experience you get while working with Glaive a lot.
That's why we are glad to provide you access into our internal PM and repository systems so you can see for yourself the progress that is being made on your idea any time.
That's why we work with a schedule that suits your time zone, so you can find us available on skype, e-mail or phone practically 24/7.
And that's why we keep you informed all the time and respond to your requests in a matter of minutes, not hours or days.

The Glaive account is operated and wholly owned by Gsoftware Limited
Service Description
The things we do exceptionally best:
- iOS development.
- Django web application development.
- Application and Web Design

Our typical workflow of a project is so:
1) Analysis of client's requirements
2) Design and planning of application architecture, UI mockups and visual style.
3) Finalization of technical specifications document with client
4) Development of software, testing of components along the way
5) Application testing
6) Deployment
7) Support

We guarantee our delivery dates, but not without your help. To truly deliver on the day we promised we need you to:
1) Be cooperative in the initial process of designing and planning
2) Be available for answers in case we find questions that depend on your decision
3) Not request new/changed non-minor functionality during a milestone. We will be happy, though, to implement the requested new/changed functionality between milestones.
4) Usually we provide milestone results on Friday, so be available to review and accept/comment asap
5) Fund current milestone in time

We are looking forward to working with you,
Please check out our portfolio to see our previous work (that we are really proud of).
Kyiv Polytechnic Institute
Information Control Systems and Technologies
2006 - 2010
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
20% - upfront advance payment
After that milestone payment after client review and acceptance of each stage.

Payment terms are negotiable except that fund transfers happen through Elance.

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