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American Virtual Assistants

About the Company

GlobeTask is the world's only team-based virtual assistance company with large and small corporate and private clients across the United States, Western Europe and the world. We work with clients for as few as a couple of hours a week to full time, at a budget level they can afford.

Judge the GlobeTask advantage for yourself:

*Only American and British staff located offshore to give you the ultimate combination of rates and stress-free service.

*One dedicated associate who speaks your language and understands your business

*Specialty teams who provide comprehensive support for you

*Virtual associates selected for the specific skills your task or project needs

*Pay for the hours you use and no more

The "Non-GlobeTask" Way:

*Individual assistant working from home

*One assistant who may or may not have the skill you need

*Language and cultural challenges generally associated with assistants, or costly rates: as high as $30-40 per hour for US based assistants
Service Description
Our Team:

There are independent virtual assistants all over the world but none like GlobeTask. We offer a unique team approach as well as a guaranteed quality service to all of our clients.

Our virtual assistant teams offer a wide variety of services from simple to complex, from administration to strategic program management. We are partners, executive assistants and unseen colleagues that allow you to shine, succeed and grow even in tough economic times.

Each of our clients is assigned an account manager, someone who understands each of his clients business intimately and speaks his native language fluently. In fact we staff with only American and British managers, and they have the full support of our specialty teams of assistants who bring a wide variety of technical, graphic or administrative talents to any client business.

At work or at home, reclaim your time today, we'll go to work for you immediately.

Besides assisting you with everyday tasks such as research, calendar management, and data entry, we're also always ready to help you with a wide variety of both personal and professional services.

From graphics and customer service to maintaining social networking sites and updating your blog, we're here to help. Here's just a few of the tasks we are working on right now.


*File conversion
*PowerPoint presentations
*Database management


*Bill Management
*Vendor coordination


*Ad placement (including Craigslist and similar sites)
*Charts and graphs
*Graphics (advertisements, business cards, letterhead, websites, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)
*Image manipulation (resizing images to specified sizes/DPI)
*Web design
*Personal or corporate website maintenance


*Blog posting
*Email management
*Image gathering for websites/collateral
*Maintaining social networking sites (MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.)
*Managing Google calendar


*Airline mileage and loyalty points management
*Job search assistance
*Travel planning

Our skill set is broad, and our resource pool is deep. If it is something that can be executed remotely, we can complete it quickly and efficiently. We're ready to help! Think of GlobeTask as your partner in helping you save time and stay organized.


If you need technical or highly specialized assistance beyond our standard services, you need GlobePro.

Our team of dedicated GlobePro assistants can handle a wide variety of professional tasks including managing sensitive or technical email responses, making high-level business or sales calls as a seamless representative of your company, or becoming a virtual partner who can help brainstorm solutions to business challenges or long term strategic goals.

Our GlobePro division taps into a diverse network of graphic designers, customer relations specialists, and personal assistants to answer private and work emails, and other highly specialized skill sets. Our managers will work with you to determine the best solution for your needs and quickly build an experienced team all at a fraction of the cost of hiring contract professionals on the freelance market. It's also more cost-effective than bringing someone in-house temporarily or for only an hour a day which is all you may need.

No matter what the task, we have the right tools, the right people, and the right experience at affordable rates that won't break the bank.
Bar Ilan University
International MBA
1999 - 2000
Touro College
BA, Finance
1995 - 1998
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Payment Terms
We provide a variety of payment options. Please go to for more information on our flexible monthly or pay-as-you-go plans.
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