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Gregory W.

Words that sell, motivate, and intrigue
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There are thousands of copywriters who want to write for you. But how many have actually been on the line -- selling, marketing, writing business plans, implementing them? Hire someone who has actually done it and not just read about it.

Clear, Concise Copy

I will write clear, concise, and compelling copy for you that sells, motivates, intrigues and will enhance your image. I'll save you money, because you'll only pay for the task at hand. I am cost-effective, and I'll look at your product or service with fresh eyes finding the benefits and features that will turn prospects into customers.


I have more than thirty years of successful selling and marketing experience. You can put that experience to work for you in a timely manner and at attractive rates.

Service Description
I am a professional with over 30 years of experience in business and marketing planning and development. I also know good content and how to put it down on paper.

I successfully sold hundreds of textbook titles in my early career and learned what appealed to readers and teachers. Not only was content king but presentation was its twin. As an editor, I acquired manuscripts with only one goal in mind -- to publish what the market wants.

In developing software in the early days of personal computers, I learned that usability took its place besides content and format. With the Web, I have gained extensive knowledge in Search Engine Optimization. Content, format, and usability lose their importance if no one can find it among millions of websites.

I once wrote a business and marketing plan for a new department in an established company that delivered $5 million in sales in four years from a starting base of $2 million.

As a magazine publisher, I have written or developed hundreds of ads and articles, put them together with creative and attractive visuals to entice my readers to buy my advertisers' products and services.

Now, I am providing that experience to you to turn your ideas into words and those words into profit for you, your customers and your employees. I can help you take your ideas and words straight to your bottom line.

I am a native of New Orleans, LA and live in a suburb of the city today. I have worked and lived in Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, as well as New Orleans.

If you need copy that motivates, intrigues and sells, select me for your next project.

# Business Plans
# Marketing Plans
# Marketing Management
# Branding
# Marketing Collateral — brochures, ads, scripts — whatever you need in print to sell
# Sales letters and press releases
# Content for websites
# Website development and management
# Blogs
# Search Engine Optimization
# Newsletters
# Direct Mail
University of New Orleans
B. A. History
1964 - 1968
The Builders Journal
1994 - 2008
Aspen Publishers
National Sales Director
1991 - 1994
Macmillan Publishing Company
V.P. of Professional Book Marketing
1987 - 1991
Managing Director
1984 - 1987
Payment Terms
Escrow jobs only.
Gregory W. | Elance

Gregory W.