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Gary Reinbolt

Consulting/Fundraising/Media &Technology
   United States
  |   Brooktondale, NY


Mark Twain once remarked "A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something that can be learned in no other way". I have a varied background, and have carried my share of cats.

In the roles I have played throughout my career, I often had the most success when I was acting as a connection between individuals and organizations going through an evolution and experiencing conflict. Often this was due to insufficient resources, or because they did not share a common vision, vocabulary, or values. I have the knowledge, hands on experience, and ability to make connections between seemingly disparate elements, and achieve successful outcomes based on 42 years of producing benchmark results with minimal resources.

Service Description
Imagination & Innovation for Ingenious Outcomes

Workforce In A Virtual World: Optimizing staff size; process based management; technology integration & workflow; total quality management; virtual employees, telecommuters, and freelancers; creating friction free teams using Myers-Briggs type indicator.

This Isn't Working Anymore: Change management; reengineering; strategic planning, process engineering.

Not-For-Profit Does Not Mean For Loss: Business and budgeting basics for the program person; building the fundraising calendar; collaborations, partnerships and mergers; building a diversified revenue stream; direct mail copywriting; spot writing; grant proposals; capital campaign planning, materials, and execution; list management and statistical analysis for direct mail; on-air and online auctions.

Moving Image: Program development & production; on air coaching; HD camera rental.

Payment Terms
I will work with the Client to determine whether an hourly approach or fixed fee arrangement is most suitable for the project.
Gary Reinbolt | Elance

Gary Reinbolt