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Glenn Thimmes

16 years developing with Microsoft technologies
   United States
  |   Providence, UT
  |  9:38 pm Local Time


I have sixteen years of professional experience developing Windows and Web applications utilizing a variety of Microsoft programming technologies.

I manage, mentor, and code with teams who develop cutting edge software for the US justice system. I have written flag ship products for a variety of software venders, including judicial case management systems, electronic sign display systems, scientific instrument systems, and sports and news data interfaces.

Working for Microsoft, I provided .NET consulting for developers during the initial launch of the .NET Framework. I have done technical review work for programming books published by Addison-Wesley.

I am a practitioner of code craftsmanship. I am an Agilist. Since the age of 13, I have been obsessed with coding. I am the person you want on your projects.
Service Description
I have a proven track record of transforming customer needs into working solutions. I specialize in Windows desktop interfaces, Windows control development, web services, SQL Server databases, and hardware integration using USB and RS-232.

My freelance project types have included line of business data entry applications, windows file system utilities, medical field tools, electronic sign display systems, file system utilities, application license management frameworks, university research projects, scientific instrumentation, video conferencing systems, data migration and exchanges, and algorithms for a variety of niche problems.

When you work with me, I will provide:

-Clear and quick communication.

-16 years of Windows programming experience.

-100% satisfaction guaranteed, or you pay me nothing.

-Quick turnaround.
Microsoft Certified Application Developer
Awarded: 2005
Alistair Cockburn CSM Training
Certified Scrum Master
2010 - 2010
Microsoft Learning
Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD)
2002 - 2005
Microsoft Service Academy, Dallas, TX
Service Academy Graduate
2001 - 2001
Utah State University
Bachelor of Computer Science
1997 - 2001
MGT Software Solutions
Owner / Senior Software Engineer
2010 - Present
Provide consulting for software development processes, technology and architecture. Develop .NET and C++ applications for a variety of clientele and projects. Design and optimize database implementations.
[Available upon request]
Product Development Manager / Senior Architect
2005 - Present
Manage a large team of developers. Provide leadership coaching to team leads and developer mentoring to team members. Recruit and retain high performance software development staff. Introduced and implemented agile programming methodologies such as XP, Scrum and Kanban. Architect and assist in building a highly configurable .NET software ecosystem for high volume justice case management implementations comprised primarily of a Click-Once deployed WinForms/WPF hybrid client, a SOAP Web Service middle layer, and a SQL Server back end. Provide key technology decision and architecture guidance for teams building ancillary products using WCF, Entity Framework, ASP.NET MVC 2.0, JavaScript and jQuery. Oversee architectural decisions, code reviews, and developer training focusing heavily on design patterns that support OOP and SOLID design principals. Tailor and streamline development processes such as pair programming, unit testing, integration testing, Test Driven Development, and test automation. Lead infrastructure implementation of gated check-in, continuous integration, and nightly builds using TFS and Team City. Integrated the QA department into the Product Development team through agile QA practices such as Acceptance Test Driven Development and frequent releases.
Code-Fly Software
Owner / Project Manager / Senior Software Engineer
2005 - 2007
Led a team of contractors designing and building a full suite of tools used to create, upload, schedule, and play content for large outdoor electronic sign displays. Designed and built a .NET WinForms editor for creating frame-by-frame animations with multiple graphical and text layers, transition effects, external data links, and option to convert proprietary message format to AVI format. Delivered project early, feature full, and on budget.
[Available upon request]
Senior Softare Engineer
2002 - 2005
Solely architected and developed a Windows based judicial CRM system using Borland Delphi, Borland Database Engine, and MS SQL Server. Designed and developed a secure public reporting portal using ASP.NET WebForms and SQL Server Reporting Services. Streamlined software performance and optimized SQL queries, stored procedures, triggers, and indexes to maximize throughput of system implementations. Mentored junior software engineers from other departments working on custom data exchange projects.
Technical Book Reviewer
2002 - 2002
Performed a technical review of Pragmatic ADO.NET, by Shawn Wildermuth. Reviewed chapters for content and accuracy, verified sample code, and provided marketing quote for back cover.
Microsoft Corp.
Developer Support Engineer
2001 - 2002
Consulted with clientele to provide VB, VB.NET, and C# advisory services, code reviews, and application troubleshooting for Microsoft web-data technologies, such as ASP, ADO, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET. Obtained an in depth understanding of the .NET Common Language Runtime through a three month fulltime .NET training program at the Microsoft campus in Dallas, TX in preparation for the initial .NET release. Assisted developers in designing and troubleshooting enterprise applications utilizing Microsoft Patterns and Practices for C# and VB.NET. Authored MSDN KB how-to, best practice, and bug articles for VB.NET, C# and Managed C++. Moderated Microsoft’s ADO and ADO.NET MSDN Newsgroups.
Software Engineer
1996 - 2001
Developed software in C++ and Object Pascal for running large outdoor scoreboards and video screens. Constructed Windows desktop and service applications in Visual Studio, Borland Builder, and Delphi environments. Implemented solutions using MFC, VCL and COM. Created custom database engines for use with third-party data feeds. Wrote hardware interfaces utilizing USB and COMM port communication for various sports controllers, speed guns, and temperature/light sensors. Wrote data interfaces to various sports, news, and stock market feeds including Reuters, Comstock, SportsTicker, NFL, and Bridge Networks.
Payment Terms
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Glenn Thimmes