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Polly P.

British writer: Pet/cat/dog/veterinary specialist
   United Kingdom
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I am a professional freelance writer/journalist, who specializes in writing about cats, dogs, small animals, horses, and veterinary-related topics.

I am a B.V.N.A. qualified veterinary nurse/veterinary technician, competent rider, and experienced cat owner and dog handler, as well as having more than a passing familiarity with most other domestic pets too!

I hold a BA(Hons) 2:1 Marketing degree from Anglia Ruskin University, and have a solid practical understanding of the principles of effective marketing.

I pride myself on being able to write effectively for both online audiences and printed publications on an almost limitless range of topics.

My latest print articles are now live in the current editions of The Towpath Talk newspaper, InStyle magazine, the Veterinary Nursing Times, Pet Tails magazine, and London newspaper The Kensington & Chelsea Press, to name just a few.
Service Description
The main body of my work consists of short and medium length articles for magazines and newspapers (both factual and opinion pieces) and content writing for online articles, websites, and blogs.
I am an experienced researcher, interviewer and journalistic writer as well as being equally at home producing and editing text and content for web pages, promotional materials for businesses, product descriptions, and much more!

Examples of my previous work in various different industries and references from my clients are all available upon request.

My work is regularly published in various UK and international newspapers and magazines. My most recent print publication articles are currently live in the latest editions of The Kensington and Chelsea Press (a London newspaper), Pet Tails magazine in America, and InStyle, a UK fashion magazine.

I am competent at writing within SEO guidelines and integrating the appropriate use of keywords at the required density within my work, as well as being experienced in using many different types of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are looking to hire the lowest priced contractor to complete your job, then I am probably not the person for you. As an established and professional native English writer, I charge a reasonable rate that reflects my experience and competency, and the writing and researching skills that I have built up over the course of my career.

If I have submitted a proposal for your job or accepted an invitation to bid, I have done so because I am genuinely interested in your project and know that I have the necessary skills to complete the work, as well as being able to deliver the final draft on time to meet your deadline, every time.

I am happy to receive constructive criticism over the course of our working relationship, and am always willing to edit and reword the content I produce for you as part of the complete job before final submission.

If you have any questions or queries about my service and what I can do for you, please don't hesitate to make contact before accepting my proposal, without obligation.
Anglia Ruskin University
BA: Hons Marketing 2:1
2001 - 2004
Payment Terms
I ask for the agreed fee to be paid into escrow prior to commencement of the project. Full payment/escrow release is requested within five days of the work being completed and submitted to you.

Alterations or amendments that remain within the scope of the original brief are all included within my fee, but these must be requested (if required) in a timely manner, as I schedule my workload carefully to ensure that all of my deadlines are met; a large part of being able to do this depends upon the responsiveness of my clients!

Upon full cleared payment, copyright of the work will pass to you unless we have agreed otherwise.
While I always hand over full copyright of any work that I complete for you upon cleared payment, I retain the right to identify myself as the author of any work that I produce within my professional portfolio unless mutually agreed with my client before commencement.

I prefer to work on a per-task basis rather than bill per hour, as I find this to be more transparent and less convoluted for the client, plus it provides more editorial freedom for myself.
Polly P. | Elance

Polly P.