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Hannah Johnson

Creative writer.
   United Kingdom
  |   Sunderland, Tyne and Wear
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I am always writing, short stories, articles, anything - it's something I'm very passionate about and I am so grateful that I found Elance because now I get to help people and benefit them with my writing.

I am currently studying BA Creative Writing at Northumbria University and though I don't have a huge amount of experience, I am incredibly determined to succeed in writing; I don't want just a boring job. I want to be a writer. Therefore I'm really not bothered about the money, I just want more experience and more chances to develop my writing skills. And at the end of the day you learn more by doing.
I have already had a wide range of publications as you will see from my portfolio, which shows that I am dedicated and passionate about writing.

I have a lot of free time due to my sparse university timetable, therefore can get plenty of writing done and am able to follow directions and work within a deadline very well.
Service Description
My Creative Writing course at university entails me writing short fiction, poetry and script, and I feel I have developed massivley in these subjects. And I have felt confident enough in my abilities to do more work outside of universtiy and send off the articles that I write to websites and magazines.
This has resulted in numerous publications such as for my university magazine - The Edge, also some of my book reviews have been published and Cuckoo Quarterly - a branch of New Writing North have also published a wide range of my material and I won a poetry competition with Hullabaloo.
To have done all this before the age of 19 shows that I am so dedicated in what I do. I am really determined to become a writer, it's something that I've always wanted, and I hope that i'm given the chance regardless of my age.
Northumbria University
English Literature and Creative Writing
2011 -
St Peter's Sixth Form College
English Literature, Media and History.
2009 - 2011
Valley Road Primary School
2009 - Present
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Hannah Johnson | Elance

Hannah Johnson