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HackRepair - The website security experts

We Fix Hacked Websites
   United States
  |   Spring Valley, CA

About the Company

At Hack Repair we fix hacked websites and clean out website malware. Money back guaranteed!

We remove malicious hacks, hacker files, malware and work directly with Google on your behalf to get your site unblocked. Customer testimonials available.
Service Description
If you're looking for a friendly, helpful, Full-time, U.S. based company to help you with malware, badware or website hack problem, look no further than HackRepair.com. This is our full-time job, 24/7.*

With over 13 years experience in managing secure websites we will resolve your website hacking issues, and ensure your web site is unblocked at Google or your money back!

We're friendly, fast, reliable, and "very" accessible by phone. We will be in constant contact with you throughout the hack clearing process. Our main service goal is education and not just fixing your website. We'll help you understand how and why the hack may have occurred and help educate you on how to better protect your website against hackers in future.

If you are using WordPress we will even install a number of security plugins for your blog at no extra charge.

"Friends don't let friends get hacked!"

*We have loads of customer service testimonials online and available for review.
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Payment Terms
We employ a flat-fee rate for our services. So whether it takes us 3 hours or 300 hours, it's all included in our rate. No surprises or added fees later.
Dr. Steven Sadeghian,
US Smoke And Fire, Publisher
I found my website had been hacked on a Friday evening... Not knowing what to do I called Hackrepair.com and asked him if he could help. In less then 3 hours, Jim made all the required changes, located the hacker, made copies of the information and restored the site. All done before midnight... People like Jim are a rare find in any industry.
Wesley Banks
Workout Head Phones , President
Thanks for the unbelievably quick response and walking me through everything you did to correct the problem. I feel like I'm better prepared to prevent any future security issues with my sites due to HackRepair's efforts.
Justin McAffee
The Nevada View , President
I am so relieved to have control of my website again and have my web presence and status with Google and Facebook back, and so quickly. When I turned to my original hosting company, they told me good luck with that and that I might want to try doing some research on the internet. After hours of pulling my hair out trying to figure it out myself, I decided to find someone to help. I found hackrepair.com. Jim Walker answered the phone, assured me we could fix it, and told me what needed to be done right away. Going further, he told me what I needed to do to prevent this stuff in the future, and he gave me the tools I needed to ensure that. Don't pull out your hair trying to fight malware yourself. Send in Hackrepair.com!
Luis Martins
Bear Ground , President
I called HackRepair by phone and Jim helped me clarify an issue I have having for months with iframes free of charge. Avast and G-data would block my members from entering my website. Jim came to the rescue and explained iframe comes from a program i have installed for my banners. I learned a simple update will fix it. Thank you! :)
Mark Swarbrick
Swarbrick Software, Inc, President
Hackrepair.com did an awesome job! One of our websites was hacked and banned by Google. Jim got right on it Friday evening and had everything fixed within hours of my call. I was very impressed with his knowledge and how he was able to quickly identify all the backdoor scripts hacker had buried within our website. I would highly recommend HackRepair to anyone.
Publisher Addison
Clean Fleet Report , John
Within 5 hours of first contacting Hackrepair.com they had diagnosed our site and removed malware that had reduced our traffic by 80 percent. Jim communicated with quick emails as he diagnosed and fixed. He followed up daily for 2 weeks to make sure the malware had been removed- which it had. We recommend Jim Walker at Hackrepair.com
Tommy Lai
Tommy Lai, Manager
Jim Walker of Hackrepair.com provided immediate assistant to solve some issues on our website in which my hosting company failed to help. His service and attitude is the BEST IN CLASS! He also followed up with us to make sure everything is alright! I would recommend TVCNet.com as a web hosting company.
Paul Prato
Scrip , President
Our experience was second to none with Hackrepair.com. We had hired two other big companies to assist with our website hack. We spent an enormous amount of resource and over a month of challenges with these firms. We were about to give up then we found Hackrepair.com. In 24 hours our problem was solved and for a better than fair price. He did what others failed to do! But better than the service Jim was true to his word. We highly recommend HackRepair great people and talented.
Jasmine Gordon
Deity Design , President
Hackrepair.com has been more than support for me, it's provided reassurance and confidence that my sites will remain secure if I follow their advice on how to better maintain and protect myself from common, vicious attacks. Not only do they help solve the problem, but they make sure to inform you on how to further prevent the problem. Jim Walker was very knowledgeable, patient and helped me solve all of the problems I addressed with immediate attention. At a time of need when I did not know who to trust or turn to Hackrepair.com not only came to my rescue, but to many others. Thank you to Jim at Hackrepair.com, I will recommend you to anyone in need!
Mr. Graham
Coil Winding Expo , President
The first time we used TVCNet to repair our hacked web site last year we were apprehensive and nervous that they could fix the problem, but after a few days our fears were put to rest. When the site was hacked a second time this year we did not hesitate to contact the finest experts in the world to fix our problems. They worked throughout the Easter holidays to remove the malware that Googlebots had discovered and caused our site to be shut down. We will be transferring our site for TVCNet as soon as possible as well. Thanks Jim and colleagues for providing a fantastic service.
HackRepair - The website security experts | Elance

HackRepair - The website security experts