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About the Company

Excel experts & Products listing and management on all Online shopping markets not only this but also providing Virtual assistance 24 x 7, Transcription, scrapping, Mail Merge, Data entry, Admin support, Emailing, R&D, Opensource CMS based websites designing from scratch plus eCommerce products management.

We are providing our clients specific or long term services depends upon their requirements. We are serving here since 2009 as a small company and now we are the one of the best quality providers on this channel.

tabONtech is a team of 17 members who work hard 24x7 to deliver the 100% to the respective client, we believe if you are paying you must get 100% possible output.

We are providing all services which are written in our service description we respect our client's requirement and we are dedicated to our work. Our professional team is able to provide cost effective and guaranteed quality services to client in timely fashion.

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Service Description
1 - Product management on Sears (
2 - Product management on Amazon (
3 - Product management on Channel Advisor (
4 - Product management on New egg (
5 - Product management on Ebay (
6 - Product management on Big commerce (
7 - Product management on Buy (rakuten) seller market (
8 - Product management on Auctiva (
9 - Product management on Google play (
10 - Product management on Wordpress (CMS) (; multiple sites ie;
11 - Product management on Ecommerce (Worked on various ecommerce sites manged products over there)
12 - Business listings on Online Directories (All online directories and social networking channels, business listing at any place where the space is given)
13 - Listings management on NAASF (
14 - Product management on Pixoto (
15 - Content management on Wikipedia (
16 - Product management on Zen cart (ecommerce CMS) (zen cart installation and order management from scratch)
17 - Product management on Quick cart (ecommerce CMS) (Quick cart Installation and management from scratch)
18 - Books Formating & Editing
19 - PDF optimizing
20 - Editable PDF forms (printable and automaticaly email on submission via PDF form)
21 - Bulk data submission to web forms
22 - Resume filling
23 - Bulk emailing
24 - Classified ads posting (worldwide)
25 - Data entry to Word, online databases, Online channels, online forms, PDFs etc.
26 - Data extraction, Data mining, Research.
27 - Database Quality check
28 - Database sorting
29 - Ebooks Editing
30 - Email handling & marketing
31 - Email Research
32 - Emails/reports/Documents Management.
33 - Excel / Access Database Comparison
34 - Images Editing (comparison, resizing, cropping, merging, thumbnil creation, format changing etc)
35 - Logo or Graphic Designs (Vector or Static)
36 - Mail merge
37 - Mailing list development (email, contact form, research through websites, online directories, social networking channels and search engines)
38 - PDF Conversion to (Word, Excel, Database, xml, Online forms, Editable forms or in any required format).
39 - Photoshop/illustrator/Adobe flash expert
40 - Animated Banners in Flash
41 - Quality assurance (proof reading, database checking, all kind of services related to quality assurance)
42 - Response to Email inquiries
43 - Virtual assistance Full time/part time 24x7
44 - Web scraping
45 - Website design/development and maintenance (HTML static + ecommerce linked with paypal or account, Content management system, eCommerce CMS)
46 - Yellow pages/books, Misterwhat, Santabanta, superpages etc experts in all kind of online databases.
47 - Handbooks (how to? Manuals, short books, FAQ books, Guides, notes etc)
48 - Blogs, comments posting.

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Punjab University
B.S Hons
Project Manager
2011 - Present
Managing tasks and team of our professional experts to provide our client's a 100% cost effective quality solutions. Main job is to make sure that the quality of work is 100% and in timely fashion.
Quality Assurance Manager (outsourced Dept.)
2006 - Present
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Escrow should be funded on the time of job awarded.
Umer Ali
tabONtech, Project Manager
Supervision of our team of Professional experts in our services and assisting the project manager in projects. Working on different online channels now we are here to capture the Elance Market.
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