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Experts in the art of branding.
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About the Company

// We are experts in the art of branding.

We empower visionaries and entrepreneurs to lead meaningful brands. We are led by our desire to produce great work and our love for life, people, and possibilities.

// We build brands.

Since 2008, Hansbro Studio has been providing a full range of high quality branding services to companies, organizations and entrepreneurs who have visions and believe in endless possibilities. With our full-hearted on-going support to their brands, we have become an indispensible asset to their business, companies/organizations.

// We deliver great work.

We have a full understanding of the objectives of every project. We deliver creative solutions on time and on budget every time.
Service Description
We are a creative agency.

// Logo design
// Stationary design
// Promotional collateral design
// Web design
// Digital media design
// Visual Identity, Corporate Identity design

We devote ourselves to your brand.

// We discover

Every project begins with a round of research and discovery. We dig through the values, strategy, and organizational culture that make you unique. Filtering through best practices, case studies, and marketing research, we build a baseline of knowledge regarding your niche, and develop the best ideas and most appropriate solutions for what’s possible for your brand.

// We create

We use all the tricks from bespoke fonts, eye-catching graphics, color combinations to explore every option to execute the amazing creative ideas. We strive to make even the smallest of details perfect.

// We communicate and refine

We strongly believe that knowing what you think about our designs and evaluate the outcomes with you is essential to refine the creative ideas to the most
satisfying results. In the refinement phase, we have open communication with you to ensure that we achieve results we both can all be proud of.

// We deliver

Getting a project done is a process that demands accountability and good project management with clear goals. With that belief, we strive to ensure that every project we take will be completed successfully, even though we only have limited budget and tight timeline.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
Pay once you are satisfied! Simple as that!
Lily Hui
Leonotics, Founder
We created the branding package for Leonotics, a company revolutionizes the restaurant industry by creating a high tech multi touch multi user interactive dining table.
Maya Rockeymoore
Global Policy Solutions, President & CEO
We worked seamlessly with their communications team to create a full branding packaging for GPS, which includes logo, stationary, fact sheet, brochure, postcard, PPT, policy sheet, folder, website, invoice and thank you card etc. (www.globalpolicysolutions.com)
Marlow Stone
336 Productions, Co-founder & Co-owner
We establish a long-term partnership with 336 Productions. We have already designed the stationary, banners, holiday card, brochure, T-shirt for them. www.336productions.com
Tom Hallez
Your Coach, Trainer
We establish a long-term partnership with Your Coach. We have designed several different promotional brochures for promoting their leadership coaching business. www.yourcoach.be
Elizabeth Filippouli
Global Thinkers Forum, Founder & CEO
We created the logo and designed the website for www.globalthinkersforum.org. A forum provides an ecosystem for excellence in leadership.
Phil Jenkins
Infinite Home Energy, Owner
To establish a professional brand image in the Australian solar energy industry, Hansbro Studio worked with Infinite Home Energy for two years to design their logo, brochures, flyers, website, advertisement, documents, etc.
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