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Stephen Hauskins

Solaris, Linux: Centos, RH, MacOS 10, Web
   United States
  |   Santa Cruz, CA
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I am currently a Computing Director at a University.

My background in computing technology covers programming, project management, system administration, desktop support, hardware and software recommendation, designing servers for web content, email, and various scientific software.

My skills include Linux, Solaris, Sendmail, DNS/DHCP, Samba, Apache servers with PHP, MySQL (LAMP) Virtual hosting.

I am located in the United States.
Service Description
Company background
University of Califronia Davis
Physics BA
1976 - 1979
University of California, Sarta Cruz
Programmer/Analyst IV
1991 - Present
I have been involved in SunOS 4 and Solaris system administrations since 1991. We maintained SUN servers for a multiuser environment. The server provided email and disk storage. Users had access to compilers and other UNIX tools. In addition I have deployed numerous servers from Sparc to Intel on the SUN and Macintosh platforms. We also installed and supported linux- Redhat, CentOS, Suse. Also in this position I did software evaluation and purchase mainly for the research community. Other experience includes the configuration of webservers (SAMP and LAMP), Sendmail, DHCP, OpenLDAP, OpenSSL, POP, IMAP, SSH. Configure current Solaros 10 system via SMF using svcadm, etc. to configure and setup needed services. We also deployed numerous RAID storage using level 5 and 6, along with some NAS systems.
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Stephen Hauskins | Elance

Stephen Hauskins