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Henry Bassman

High-Tech and Medical Tech Writing and Editing
   United States
  |   New Providence, NJ


Accurate, easy-to-understand, benefits-oriented, target-audience focused communications.

Specializing in high-technology and medical technology subjects. Helping describe complex technology in language laypeople, investors, customers and professionals in other fields can understand.

Providing a wide range of deliverables, including: product descriptions for articles, analyst reports, news releases, marketing materials, presentations, speeches, white papers, PowerPoint presentations , video programs. Op-Eds and a others.

Henry has provided communications for a wide range of businesses covering high technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical devices. Numerous articles about these subjects have appeared on ABCNews.com, Forbes, Fortune and other Web sites.

Henry received the 2012 New Jersey Press Association First Place Award for Best Column in an online publication.

Henry formerly was a public relations director for AT&T
Service Description
U.S. Army
Captain, Signal Corps
1965 - 1968
University of Miami
1960 - 1965
Director, Public Relations
1970 - 1999
Assignments of increasing responsibility in Public Relations. Working with multiple business units and departments, wrote about new business initiatives and technologies. Assignments included 12 years at Bell Laboratories, plus the company's computer systems division, Internet Service Provider, small business premises equipment division, legislative affairs division and others. Special assignments included; managing a series of customer seminars for customers who spent $9 billion annually with AT&T, writing and producing the company's vision for the future, working on the strategic development and CEO succession team, negotiating an agreement with NTT, Sony, Panasonic and other large Japanese companies.
American Broadcasting Company
Radio News Director/Field Producer
1968 - 1970
Directed several radio news programs daily. Organized field coverage during special events.
Payment Terms
None specified
Henry Bassman | Elance

Henry Bassman