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Henrique Cesar Ulbrich

Network and security analyst
  |   Sao Paulo, SP
  |  1:38 pm Local Time


IT and Security professional with 15+ years of experience in the business.

Areas of expertise incluse network analysis, design and deployment, both in the logical and physical extent. VoIP solutions design and deployment, Asterisk-based.

Network performance and security analysis, risk management and security policy design.

Experience in remote administration of networks, including day-to-day operations and incident handling. No matter if you need a complete network redesign or just a guy to keep an eye on the occasional hacker, I can provide the appropriate service.
Service Description
I can help you implement a new network infrastructure for you, extend a network you already have, enhance the performance and remotely monitor you existing or new networks. Also, I can help you with your security issues, now and in the future.

- Design, deployment and maintenance of Asterisk-based VoIP systems.


My network services include:
- Constant remote monitoring of your servers, workstations or devices
- Remote incident response in case of security breach or systems malfunction
- New network topology/infrastr. design, if yours are in need of an upgrade
- All those services can be made _in loco_, if the necessity arises.

I my experience, the majority (70%+) of problems can be solved remotely and even without the client or users noticing it. Of course, there will be a monthly report of all actions manually performed, as well as the automated monitoring reports for all devices.


If you are concerned about your business security as a whole (not only your network), my security services include:
- Analysis of all kinds of vulnerabilities and risks
- Design of customized security solution/practice/standard for the business
- Provide automated tools for monitoring and prevention
- Deploy the security solution

Note that this security assessment process might require that I be present at your site.

During the Analysis phase, a standard security report identifies all vulnerabilities and sensitive aspects of the business. The report also identifies the level of security needed for your specific case.

All critical or immediate vulnerabilities detected in the report as such will be initially corrected before continuing. Also, all your existing services and devices will be monitored. Depending on the case, CCTV will be necessary.

Next, we'll develop the security solution for you, based on international standards. The solution may include a draft for your Security Policy, or a proposal to improve yours if it exists. Nothing will be imposed and all of it will be discussed with you and your team. The solution will include the business background description, all risks and vulnerabilities found, the actions to mitigate or eliminate them and a deployment plan, detailing the actions and resources needed.

During deployment of the security solution, all corrections and implementations will be performed. All the tools, software and scripts handed to your team will be fully documented.

You can optionally contract me on a monthly basis to monitor your network for you. Along with coping with network and security incidents, I can keep track of needed updates on all monitored systems and perform internal infrastructure ("White Box") and external perimeter tests ("Black Box") for periodic audits.

Faculdade de Tecnologia do Estado de Sao paulo
Bs in Data Processing
Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo
Bs in Information Security
Payment Terms
I am based in Brazil. Most of my services are remote, and for the majority of them I am able to assess the possible problems and incidents remotely. On the rare occasions that any of them require my physical presence at your site, the airfares and accomodations will be at your expense. It's wise to have a local IT person (can even be an intern) for presential tasks like flicking switches or activating servers.

For the day-to-day administration, payment will be due on a man/hour basis. A report on all man/hours will be sent monthly to the client.

For the server/workstation/device monitoring service, there is a montlhy rate for each item being monitored. A hertbeat/diagnosis software should be installed in each item.

Payments are made through Elance.
Henrique Cesar Ulbrich | Elance

Henrique Cesar Ulbrich