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Hivista - WordPress & Woocommerce Solutions.

Complex WordPress and Woocommerce projects
  |   Kyiv, Europe Ukraine
  |  11:25 am Local Time

About the Company

We specialize in complex WordPress and Woocommerce projects and we were listed #1 WordPress developer as per for many years.

Area of expertise includes developing of:
complex WordPress projects,
woocommerce projects.
responsive WordPress themes,
WordPress with e-commerce,
WordPress plugins,
moving existing site to WordPress CMS,
creating themes with provided design,
WordPress for property (real estate),
adding WP blog to existing site
Service Description
Hivista - is an Ukrainian team of web developers specializing in WordPress based projects.
National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI)
Master of Management Information Systems
1997 - 2003
National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI)
Master of Electronics
1993 - 1999
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
We can accept Paymenst over Elance.

Payment Terms:
For Projects Below $1000 -
Full escrow funding.
Releasing after project is done and approved.

For Projects above $1000 -
1. Funding of the first milestone (50%) before beginning of the project
2. Releasing of the first escrow amount after about 40%-60% of work is done (defined and agreed individually before project is started. Usually it's design approving, or moving to HTML, etc). Funding of the second milestone.
3. Releasing of the remaining 50% on completion and approving of work.
Jared Smith
Everest Web, LLC, CEO/Founder
Creating of 7 social network/directory projects and many smaller projects.
Jerry Villarreal
Nuesion, Director/Project Manager
Developing 50+ PHP/mySQL based projects and tasks.
Hivista - WordPress & Woocommerce Solutions. | Elance

Hivista - WordPress & Woocommerce Solutions.