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HouseFly Engineers & Architects

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About the Company

We are India based consultants working mainly on fields of civil engineering and Architecture. We have qualified staff from different sectors of engineering, architecture, Interior Designing with more than 4 years of experience. Further we have collaboration with number of expert Architects, Engineers, ArcGIS, Expert Auto-Cad operators to deliver your projects on time with assurance of quality.
Service Description
We are premium service provider in our arena. We deal mainly with projects in the field of architecture, civil engineering and interior design along with the business process outsourcing (BPO). Our architecture, engineering and interior design services covers projects of residential and commercial buildings, institutional and office buildings, entertainment buildings , infrastructure projects and amusement parks.

In the world of architectural, interior design and consulting engineering, overheads can be significant. Personnel, computer systems, software, office space and drafting equipment require considerable investment by a company. In order to thrive in the business environment of today, companies must seek higher profits not only through increased sales, but also by reducing expenses. In the world of architectural design this need to focus resources on higher profit margin tasks is significant. There is an excess of low margin, repetitive work in architectural design which is not only time consuming, but exhausts one's resources and finances.
While architectural design does require this sort of repetitive work, is it wise to utilize the skills and time of those people who can focus more on the critical design phases of your projects, on these processes? Are you maximizing your return on investment when your designers and equipment are occupied in repetitive, labor-intensive tasks?

Why you should Work With Us?
Factor Cost Advantage
Superior Competency
Utilization Improvement
Economy of Scale
Business Risk Mitigation
Rapid access to high quality
Numerous and readily-available professionals
Wide range of technology skills available
Stringent quality control
Using the time difference to your favor
Shorter project delivery times

We offer architectural design services from small residential homes to multi storey housing and sports and commercial and entertainment buildings, amusement parks, infrastructure projects including industrial structures to satisfy your design needs.

HouseFly Consultants can provide you with architectural design services of the highest quality and satisfaction. We provide you with a team of high skilled architects proficient in all aspects of design as well as the latest cutting edge technology and software.

We are well versed when dealing with strict project requirements and regulations whether these are Loft Conversion, Side/Rear Extension, Shop Front, Change of Use and Lease Drawings.
Architectural layouts Hand sketch to complete plans
Schematics, wiring diagrams or logic drawings
Drainage plan
Floor Plans
Structural Layout
Survey Drawing

We have experienced engineers for the steel, cast and pre-fabricated structures, and can provide you structural cad drawing or drafting for the same.
Foundation plans
Joist design and details
Cavity Wall
Steel Column and beam design and details
Schedules to describe various structural components

Using simple mouse-driven movements you can effortlessly walk through an AutoCAD model and can feel of actually being there. Our images include the latest developments in visualization, such as photo-realistic trees and vegetation, 3D moving people, shadows, atmosphere effects and even bubbling fountains.

It is possible to bring into a form, texture. We can work from photos, drawings, models, or just from your mind, and create it in 3D. These 3D models are fully viewable from any angle using 3D software. The models can be animated, exported to photo-quality images, and can be used in any and every application imaginable, no matter what!

We offer complete Paper-to-CAD Conversions and CAD Drafting Services at competitive prices with the precision and quality you can depend on. However easy it may sound, conversion can be difficult. The ability to accurately capture old, smudged and dense information comes only after years of experience and processes which ensure that the output is accurate.

We offer quantity measurement of building from one item to all items with highest accuracy. Work done is cross checked by our professional experts before submitting it to client.

We have official collaboration with IT professionals to offer services related to architectural/engineering/ interior/ Planning software/ application development.

Furniture Design, Interior Design, Urban Planning & Design, Landscape Design, GIS Mapping, Revit, Project Management, Product Design, Report (Financial, Technical etc.) making for project.
Gandhinagar Urban Development Authority
Registered Engineers
Awarded: 2011
Centre For Environmental Planning And Technology
Masters In Urban Transportation Planning And Man.
2009 - 2011
Year Founded
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HouseFly Engineers & Architects