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About the Company

Huffman Muse: (n.) A brave fresh approach to writing & editing. 1.2 million readers can't be wrong about this writer & editor that goes above & beyond to satisfy his clients.

A client once described my work as "flawless but bold". This is what inspires Huffman Muse. I founded Huffman Muse in 2007 when I grew tired of seeing "cookie-cutter" content that was dry, unintellectual & barely readable. Your content, whether it be creative or SEO, should excite and stir your audience! This is my goal with every project. My unmatched customer service and commitment to literary excellence can take your project to the next level.

My specialities include editing/proofreading, creative writing, fantasy fiction, article writing, product reviews, E-books and content development. Please see my subject expertise below. Rest assured, I'm open to writing & editing on many other subjects! I have provided top-quality service on 86 projects since 2007 and I want to do the same for your project.
Service Description
My Rules of Service:
- I deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Your project is my top priority and I won't stop writing & editing until you are satisfied.
- I deliver real content development. I write content that's fresh, informative & geared towards your target audience. Your customers will never know they're reading an article that's optimized for SEO capture.
- Please review Elance Terms of Service (TOS). Asking for any "trial" work is strictly prohibited by Elance. Also, I conduct ALL communication via Elance PMB.
- Escrow must be funded before work begins.

Services include:
- Writing, editing & proofreading services for articles, novels, short stories, sales letters, screenplays, speeches, press releases, technical writing, product reviews, poetry and biographies
- Extensive research ability with access to multiple journal databases
- Extensive content development experience

My subject expertise is very broad and includes the following:
- Travel (South America, Australia, Asia)
- Wine projects (wine hobby, wine history, how wine is produced)
- Psychology and social medicine (schizophrenia, OCD, personality testing)
- Design and decor (furniture articles, Zen design)
- Alternative medicine (Chinese massage, acupuncture)
- Herbal remedies and natural weight loss (alkalinity diet)
- Military history
- Canine behavior & care
- Aquarium & fish behavior (koi, setup, cichlid behavior, South American fish guides)
- Environmental conservation projects (solar power, conserving home energy and recycling)
- Motivational leadership theory, business administration and group motivation

Amazon.Co.UK Books Bestseller's List
#5 for Science Fiction/Fantasy Bestseller's Novel in United Kingdom
Awarded: 2008
Northern Kentucky University
Bachelor of Science in Biology
1993 - 1997
Huffman Muse
Writer & Editor
2007 - Present
I have provided top-quality service on 86 projects since 2007. This includes over 2000 articles, four full-length novels, three E-books and many websites (content development & SEO). My subject expertise is very broad and includes the following: travel (South America and Australia), wine (how to enter the wine hobby, wine history and how wine is produced), alternative medicine (Chinese massage, acupuncture), herbal remedies, natural weight loss (alkalinity diet), military history (WWII and Iraq War), canine behavior & care, aquarium & fish behavior (koi ponds, aquarium setup, cichlid behavior articles, South American river fish guides), environmental conservation projects (solar power guides, guides to conserving home energy, guides to recycling) and Project Management.
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Zoologist & Water Exhibit Engineer
1998 - 2007
Prior to my writing career, I spent nearly a decade as a zoologist at the top third zoo in America, the Cincinnati Zoo. I have extensive experience with ungulates and avian science.
Privateer Press
1999 - 2004
Served as editor and contributing writer in following internationally-published works: Iron Kingdoms Campaign Guide, Iron Kingdoms Character Guide, Monsternomicon Volume 1, Lock and Load, Legion of Lost Souls Witch Fire Trilogy and Warmachine Prime. At Privateer Press, I also won 2001 Ennie "Best Editor" award for my work on a piece called "Fool's Errand". Warmachine Prime won the Origins Award for Best Fantasy Miniatures Rules of 2003. In 2005, Warmachine Prime went on to win Game of the Year Origin's award. As an editor at Privateer Press, my work was described as "a work of art, flawless in dozens of ways, inspiring to players on both sides of the screen, and enjoyable to both view and read".
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
My payment terms are through Elance Escrow. I offer competitive pricing packages that favor bulk projects and repeat customers. If you're not sure if my services fit your needs or budget, please ask!

All communication must be done via Elance PMB. Trial work is prohibited by Elance Terms of Service. I will not perform trial work.

My turn-around time is typically 3-5 business days for most projects under 10,000 words. Above 10,000 words, I range from 1 week to 4 weeks. Unless otherwise stated, you gain full rights for use upon final payment.
Dion Jordan
Dion Jordan, Motivational speaker
Editor for three motivational leadership manuals and speeches
Rickey Kinley
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Zoologist
Zoological care and animal husbandry specialist, enrichment specialist
Joseph Martin
Privateer Press, Chief Editor
Fantasy and fiction editing and writing for Privateer Press.
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