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Hussain M. | Elance
Last Sign-in: Dec 5, 2015

Hussain M.

Analytics Consultant | Indepth GTM GA expertise,  MarketLytics .
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I leverage Google Analytics, KISSmetrics and Google Tag Manager to understand and answer your business questions; providing strategy, technical implementations, reporting setup and consulting.

A wonderful client motivated me to write my work philosophy, so here goes:

I believe its not the best use of client's resources or my time to setup implementations just for the sake of building piles of custom reports and kpi. If they serve no end goal and would never be looked at again and I would be the first to tell you and list why.

I strive to empower the client, so they can understand meaning behind data on their own, mix it with their business knowledge and confidently make decisions. To this end I have provided training and continue to be available for consulting to all my past & present clients.

Read on to Service Description to see full list of analytics services I provide>>
Service Description
I have worked extensively on implementation of:
* Google Tag Manager / Segment
* Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Keen
* Conversion Tracking and troubleshooting
* 3rd party cart / cms integration with GA/Kissmetrics
* Reporting setup
* Custom Reporting Solutions / Consolidated dshboards using a ton of different api including:
- google analytics api
- PPC & Social apis [adwords, facebook insights, adcenter, twitter]

I enjoy the opportunity to understand new business models and I dont narrow my work to a niche or by scale of site and this approach has served me well. My clients come from a multitude of industries and range of sizes from small businesses and newly funded startups to internet's top 250 sites, playing a part in their success is the best validation of my work.

I conduct several client training / consulting sessions every week and am fluent in English. Available to chat/talk on skype during EST hours and enjoy a good brainstorming session. Look forward to hearing from you.

Over the last 5 years I have worked with digital properties large and small (over 250 clients), with eclectic set of business models (leadgen, saas, ecommerce, content, membership). Some interesting collaborations include work for oDesk corp, invisionapp, getvero, vinja, tinyme, golfdiscount, runnersconnect, cellphonerepair.

Because of the breadth and scale of my projects, I have a great understanding of analytics tools and how they work at a fundamental level. I have been especially called upon for my in the weeds expertise with Google Analytics, Kissmetrics and Google Tag Manager.

In addition to common stuff I have worked with Attribution models, hacking GTM and GA to extend their capabilities and in very large deployments making sense of data, tools, reports and weird bugs.
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Awarded: 2010
IBA Karachi
Bachelors in Marketing
2009 - 2013
Co Founder, Digital Analytics Lead
2011 - Present
Payment Terms
So you like what you see, but are on edge, whether to give a guy from Pakistan a chance or to give this to someone in US or Europe. I understand (or well another great client helped me understand) the dilemma and concern there is about South Asian contractors:

So lets give each other a chance, for a small fee of 95$ I can setup any one of these: standard google analytics tracking, goals & funnels, custom reports, dashboards, advanced segments, alerts, filters, scheduled emails.

You will get a great setup at low risk price and I get to meet the wonderful person who took a chance on me. I am extremely detail oriented and if I cant deliver I will provide a full refund.
Hussain M. | Elance

Hussain M.