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Ice Cube Technologies

SEO Consultants (International & Geo-Specific)
  |   Karachi, Sindh
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About the Company

A perfect blend of creativity and efficiency under a single name, we at ICT strive to provide our clients with more than they expect. Raising the bar of quality exponentially, we have created a placid atmosphere where our team, our client and all stakeholders enjoy working together
Service Description
We specialize in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) practices, and pride our selves with results achieved. Our aims include over all web site optimization, adherence to web based standards, increasing relevant traffic to your website and higher returns and sales. We possess an excellent team fully capable of achieving targets in this domain.

Our Graphic Design department is a beacon of inspiration, possessing skilled and creative artists that present originality in their work. Whether its website designs or logos, or a complete corporate identity kit encompassed with brochures, newsletters, fliers and letterheads, our design department does it all.

Our SEO services are unmatchable due to the vast experience we have gained over time. Our results speak for themselves. We have flexible SEO programs which can be customized to accommodate even the lowest of budgets allocated for SEO. Apart from periodic reporting on progress, we provide timely responses to any queries or questions that our clients may have during the course of the entire SEO phase.

Unlike most other companies, ICT has proven time and time again of developing and designing state of the art websites, templates, logos and other design items to its ever growing clientele. Combining creativity with sophistication remains an ICT trade. Our designs reflect the theme of your content, market segment and domain so relevancy is achieved in perfect harmony with all other ingredients resulting in a unique and dynamic creation.

Website design and development is an art, just like any other art. In the real world there are only a handful of companies that employ skilled and innovative staff. Most of what is delivered only disappoints
Advance Diploma In Multimedia
Arena Multimedia
Awarded: 2004
Iqra University
Bacheoers in Computer Science
2007 - 2011
Iqra University
Master In Computer Science
2007 - 2009
Jeff Bibber
Director Of Better Report Card Tutors
2009 - 2011
We have been working together for the past 3 Years now. It's been a long but successful journey. Jeff is a visionary person and we completed quite a few tasks successfully and achieved great results in the domain of SEO and other web design and development projects. We hope to continue this relationship together forever and achieve even greater milestones in the coming future. We thankful to jeff for his great support and the work that we have been receiving from others through his reference.
Adnan Lotia
2007 - 2011
It's been a long time we have been working for Theatre Tickets Direct. The evidence of success is the excellent relationship and ongoing work that we have been doing for TTD for the past 4 years. We have worked together on large scale SEO contracts and achieved allot. We had our ups and downs but eventually got through all the hurdles and made sure we had reached the final milestone every time. We also worked on complex dynamic applications and we plan to work on other platforms like handheld devices in the near future. We thank TTD and their team for their continuous support and great vision to make it a successful and everlasting working relationship.
Year Founded
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Payment Terms
Monthly Contracts - 100% upfront

One Time
- 50% upfront
- 50% on completion
Ice Cube Technologies | Elance

Ice Cube Technologies