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Iexodus Solutions

Insanely Great!!
   United States
  |   Westford, Boston, Massachusettes
  |  4:31 am Local Time

About the Company

We focus on the few things we know well.

Other companies make elaborate proposals, but all the fancy language in the world is nothing if you can not deliver!!!

I am constantly fixing the projects that other off-shore developers could not complete successfully. Why is this so??? We have the talent to tackle your problems and the motivation to push through any difficulties to create a module that meets or exceeds your specs.

My favorite conversation with customers is as follows:
“The other company offers a LIFETIME warranty on their software!!!"
I asked him, “So, if thata company goes out of business, how good is that warranty!" ?
You do not expect to get a MERCEDES ride for the price of a HONDA. That is kind of like expecting to hit the LOTTERY. That is like day dreaming. Everyone likes to search for the best deal on the web. But, in reality, IS THERE SUCH A DEAL?
Service Description
PHP/MYSQL Development
We ONLY do the FEW THINGS that we DO WELL.
Year Founded
Number of Employees
Payment Terms
10% deposit
40% Middle Delivery
50% Upon Final Delivery
Iexodus Solutions | Elance

Iexodus Solutions