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Marius Lapusan

Flexibility. Efficiency. Security. Innovation.
  |   Cluj-Napoca, Cluj
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We are the IMKNET group - highly skilled web professionals proudly based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Since 2001 we have created several hundreds web projects for companies all over the world.

We are oriented on the long-term collaboration so we do care about the confidence and responsibility. The technical expertise and experience of our team will allow you to offer even more top quality services to your clients.
Service Description
We are comfortable in dealing with Web Design and Development, SEO and Servers Management. We use our imagination, our skills, experience and know-how to translate desires and exceed expectations.

Our work is bind to strong principles: creativity and innovation, performance, quality of design, security, respect. Most often, we are more demanding than our customers regarding the final solutions.

We are specialized in:
* website design
* PHP development
* intranets / extranets
* e-commerce solutions
* Internet Marketing

We have been working with companies from France, Sweden, Spain, Australia, New Zeeland, Ireland, UK, United States and Romania. For several years, we develop platforms (cms, ecommerce, javascript and more recently, nodejs) and models which are able to use the latest technological innovations being, at the same time, backward compatible.

For us, planning, design and modeling take the most time. Actual time spent programming is less than 40% of the time allocated to a project.

We strongly believe that "God is in details" and we try to express this in all of our work. On the client side, every pixel counts; on the server side every clock cycle counts.

Payment Terms
Our business models have been formulated keeping "flexibility of operation" in mind. Depending on the size of the project, payment may be made after each milestone or project completion
Marius Lapusan | Elance

Marius Lapusan